5/30/2011 — HAARP Ring outbreak Goodland, KS – Iowa – Chicago – Cleveland – Michigan

Expect severe weather up to and including tornadoes in the following areas due to HAARP Ring activity over each named town: Goodland Kansas Omaha Nebraksa Des Moines Iowa Springfield Illinois North Indiana along the Michigan Border as far west as Chicago as far east as Lorain Ohio / Cleveland Ohio. Also watch Grand Rapids , Grayling, Mio, Michigan— although the state of Michigan may just be the accellerator moving the storms along their track…. we shall see about michigan getting severe.. i don’t quite know yet on this… since it seems the whole state is covered by two of the rings… The rest of the named areas can also be seen by pausing this video and making note of the area, and then compare 2 days later to see what was hit.

25 thoughts on “5/30/2011 — HAARP Ring outbreak Goodland, KS – Iowa – Chicago – Cleveland – Michigan

  1. uyesu

    tower busters, cloud busters or gtfo. DO something. in your case, TBs at the ‘epicenters’ that you identify. not saying that there’s nothing whatever to what’s happening, but seriously, what else can legally be attempted? yes I’m working on my own CB and it’s damned expensive, but worth the satisfaction of 100% confirmation one way or the other. before it’s set up I have to gift a huge tower about 2 blocks from here…hahah. that won’t fucking be easy. and TBs are cheap so gift away!

  2. aravenfan

    Look up this story Earthworm plague sweeps Cincinnati
    A friend just posted, she lives there & saw the worms herself
    She said Last wk I saw something strange.while walking on my road I found a dead bird walked a little further & another one, drove off my road & yet another one.when I was sitting out in my yard last Thursday – I saw tons of worms in the grass. I thought it was so very strange! I watched them die. There was indeed a reason I saw these and thought there was something so strange

  3. IamAwakey

    @salsa20 Please do and I’m mostly on facebook Chemtrails Kill is a group we’d love to see your images on I have the same fb name too: iamawakey

  4. kd5gua

    @Sven3xs, I see there are those here trying, as I did to speak the truth to this nonsense, and are being ignored, and then there are types like you. I am bored with it already. It was amusing and the weather forums I am part of found it hillarious. Stay safe.

  5. Sven3xs

    @kd5gua <<< You're a loser. Why are you here? What is your purpose? Don't you have anything else to do? All your comments are belittling attacks on people you don't even know...I don't understand your existence, it can't last long I hope.

  6. kd5gua

    @poadmoon1, watching this kind of crap and seeing how many gullable fools there are, makes me proud to be one of “them”, them that ain’t such fools.

  7. mordred612

    Seems strange to me. Aren’t these “Rings” simply from multiple radar systems generating the information for the entire US. I mean you don’t have one station set up in the middle of the US giving this information about the entire continent, right? What you have is many different stations providing information for a smaller area. Why is HAARP the most logical explanation?

  8. YourBrainOnReligion

    @poadmoon1 Of course you have nothing more to say to me. You refuse to acknowledge the reality of the matter that you’ve been taken advantage of because you’re willfully ignorant. You haven’t the slightest clue how to critically examine claims like this yet feel absolutely confident to tell people they should make drastic changes to their lives. What the fuck is wrong with you? Is your life filled with a void of self-importance that you hope to fill here, or what? Get a god damn grip.

  9. poadmoon1

    @YourBrainOnReligion Find another source to pick at. YOU are either tiny or one of “them”. I have nothing more to say to you.

  10. YourBrainOnReligion

    @poadmoon1 Don’t pretend you are privy to information the rest of the world is not. This is why you STAY a moron. The madrid fault line is absolutely TINY! I just explained this to you. Now how the hell is a tiny fault line going to be a big deal? Do you even know what the hell this specific fault line is? It’s a weak spot in the tectonic north american plate. Now, why on EARTH would you think that a small crack in the *middle* of a plate is more dangerous than the *edge* of any plate?


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  12. achalmers

    I live in Michigan about 45 miles west of Detroit. Looks like Grayling, MI is getting hit with rain right now, which is 24 hours after dutchsinse predicted it would. This is really interesting. So is there a video or a site I can go to that will help me understand what a haarp ring is, where is comes from, and finally, how dutchsinse use a haarp ring to predict weather patterns? Thanks in advance.

  13. poadmoon1

    @YourBrainOnReligion You can think of the Madrid as a small thing if you wish , that’s up to you. Yes I realize the entire state of California is in great danger, I wouldn’t advise living there either. However , if you understood what’s going on you would not consider the Madrid a small matter. I have educated myself and continue to do so. I don’t believe advising people to move away from fault lines is “spreading parnoia”.

  14. YourBrainOnReligion

    @poadmoon1 I said do you have any idea WHAT it is. Clearly you do not. The madrid fault line is absolutely **miniscule** in the grand scheme of the tectonic plates. What about the entire state California? What about Mexico, Japan and Indonesia? If you had a clue about fault lines you would laugh at the madrid nonsense. Take your own advice and educating yourself BEFORE you feel qualified to try and spread baseless paranoias. This senseless acts of parroting conspiracy shit needs to stop.

  15. lspen1969

    It would be awesome if you really understood how weather radar works. The rings you are seeing have nothing to do with HAARP. Those in Michigan are where radar stations are set up.


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