5/5/2011 — serious chemtrail activity — Seattle Washington — Clouds AND Precipitation

The “object” in this video appeared the other day .. see this video linked below from 3 days ago to see the first spotting on it. www.youtube.com It has NOW reappeared and left in its wake a HEFTY chemtrail which can been seen across multiple states, and clearly forms into heavy precipitation for a short period of time, before becoming CLOUD! view the whole thing here: www.rap.ucar.edu www.intellicast.com

25 thoughts on “5/5/2011 — serious chemtrail activity — Seattle Washington — Clouds AND Precipitation

  1. Jlinn2010

    @TheDJGuyMusic1963 I live in Mason County and the planes have been spreading chemtrails here like crazy and I agree about the smell.

  2. nativenvs

    Hey Guys, Just letting you know that there have been MASSIVE SPRAYING over here in NY .. since Mother’s day I have been seeing chemtrails every single day! Funny, when it started back on Mothers Day .. so many people here started to get bad allergies… even people who never suffered from them … you couldnt even get any medicine for it cause the shelves were empty … Over this weekend ..another massive spraying occured with criss cross patterns in the sky … and funny, Iam now sick

  3. Johnnyratboy

    Today they are BLASTING Seattle heavily again, there’s even the metallic shimmer from all the metallic particles. These are the really hazy ones, I’m wearing my dust mask today and remembering to take my supplements. Good job dutchsinse! Be safe friends!

  4. brandonjohn1982

    the way they are spraying in the Hague in The Netherlands is abnormally high.
    many trails have some sort of mathmatic structure…

  5. SpaceStation49

    The chemtrails are usually very bad in Saskatchewan. Usually in the hot summer months (June/July/Aug/Sep). I had a good look at one of the planes through binoculars and it appeared to be silver, very reflective.
    Anyhoo, if you’re on facebook check out the Saskatchewan Chemtrail Watch. People are getting together from all parts of the globe with these groups.

  6. chrisryan987654321

    Theyv’e been spraying the UK for years, BUT the last few weeks they have really gone into overdrive. Have they increased the amount of spraying anywhere else ?

  7. MsTeri100

    I’d better do more homework on the chemtrails because I thought I understood, I am kind of lost, are the Chemtrails the green and the rainbow colors? Isnt this HAARP? will do more research, great vid, im finding myself checking your page daily, I live in Southern Ca. Do you have any animations on how far inland a Tsunami could reach, I live in the Riverside Area and am considering moving to Arizona or NM. Any suggestions?

  8. longslidenyc

    What’s going on in NY? I was obsessed with watching the maasive chemtrail activity over Long Island and Queens for a few months and one day they just seemed to stop. Now, for the past two weeks all i ever see is the wispy aftermath. I’m thinking maybe they’re doing it higher up or out to sea.

  9. otherdarkness32

    Wow.This is the kind of stuff that will never be on the “news” as they call it like cnn and others and im so glad REAL PPL are becoming INTERESTED in what the fuck is going on.

  10. TheOlderangel

    I live in Tacoma and I’ve seen these and a lot of chemtrials overhead right now. We have Ranier. I call it the Volcanoe and my family laughs. I noticed an earthqake around Yellowstone two days agao on usgs.com.————-my wife’s hair started falling out two days ago.Pray people.The moon has shifted and is coming up in strange spots. watch the sky

  11. taratorah

    That trail was HUGE. I saw the evidence while sitting in a grocery store parking lot about 10 minutes east of Seattle on May 2nd (if that was the same thing / same date) — have never seen anything like this before. Skywriting peters out in minutes. This was a gigantic, FAT swath of white overhead, and it didn’t move at all. Creepy.

  12. Metman68

    Wow those are impressive thermal updrafts! OR a jet moving over 3200 mph…. (assuming I am viewing the same sites you are).

    Then again I am probably just a govt plant to distract you from the truth…

  13. MrWinkydude

    question do you wonder why the japanees have not buried the reactores in japan yet?answer because the reactores are just fine and working. they the japanees blew up only the old fuel rod storage areas above the reactores knowing it would be vaporized and that most of it would be carried over here on the jetstream. which is just what it did and is doing now.why they would not go alonge with the NWO one world goverment and currency. want more?

  14. MrWinkydude

    dutch near the end of your vid you said it was travling around the speed of a jet. many jets can fly from none sonic to super sonic. so how fast do you think it was moving? i think your right about the jet, its the jet stream and what you are see-ing is radio active heavy metal from the fuel rods that were vaporized in the explosion over in japan. you can see on google earths cloud animation loop that its coming from there. i have seen it every night since you posted the first vid on this.

  15. ChezKiva

    THE KEY diagonal chemtrail lines yesterday extended from OK City to Chicago, and they repeated about 20 times. Within 4 HRS this created a solid white-front, which was followed by a solid [high-pressure front] BLUE sky whcih was soon populated by cookie-cutter small clouds. Weird to say the least, and headed EAST to accumulate as rain somewhere near the Mississippi.


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