5Min Chemtrail in Saanich BC Canada by connectingdots Oct 16

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25 thoughts on “5Min Chemtrail in Saanich BC Canada by connectingdots Oct 16

  1. connectingdots2

    Google: Agenda 21 & Georgia guide stones as its all forewarned. Fukushima
    is spewing out 10 million Becquerels per HOUR & 300 Tons of waste water
    into Pacific, these ppl dont care about us as they have cures, their own
    food supply,off-world access ect economical?…they/Illuminati already
    control the economy, and w/ our help they have robotics 15 years ahead of
    what’s seen on TV, they’ve got them picking Veggies in greenhouses,
    exploring space,building cars ect, ect ect, we’re no longer needed

  2. Divad TLUANESRA

    But, what would be their economical interest, making people sick,(including
    their own pairs, because we are talking about the air).

  3. connectingdots2

    Did you just arrive to the Truth movement today?lol seriously tho,
    chemtrails are a conspiracy since we have one group saying they don’t exist
    and then we have folks like you who say they’re normal have always existed!
    Problem there’s NEVER been folks complaining of nor taking pictures of
    their cities being covered by chemtrails for multiple days on end. folks
    like hippies were very aware of condensation trails but never have they
    mentioned contrails causing CONSTANT cloud cover.

  4. connectingdots2

    yes there’s more to come but I’m really busy trying to keep myself working
    so cant promise I’ll be uploading tons of these types of videos but yes I
    will be uploading more as I catch them, i’m back out there today so you
    never know! Btw I make vids on Fukushima and other topics so you might want
    to check out my Yt ch.

  5. connectingdots2

    lol…well there’s plenty of mountains but where I was at yesterday there
    aren’t any , its mostly all farm land,,however not a single farmer can grow
    certain foods as the Gov said theres nematodes outbreak, yet this same
    reason has been said for decades?? yes would be nice to chat but life dealt
    me a few financial curves in a row making my day to day living very rough &
    un-certain & i lost my laptop to make even worse. Btw I’m not into Cliff
    High after catching him lying & scamming folks!

  6. TheFirefly62

    Thank you for the link, I bookmarked it. The sky you are showing is only a
    bit, bad enough, here they are hard working all this year. Our sky always
    looks damaged, I’m in Germany too.Thanks for sharing, Is there more to come
    of this on your channel?

  7. connectingdots2

    maybe consider uploading those you see in California so folks who live in
    that area can see what’s going on while THEY are indoors! it’s by making
    these types of vids and sharing our info that others will jump onboard this
    cause. thanks for comment

  8. connectingdots2

    yes I had evidence sent to me in late 2011 after my cross-Canada radiation
    tour, a local landscaper meet me for coffee during which he shared the
    results of local rainfall analysis, it had extremely high levels of Barium,
    aluminum,lead,arsenic & a few others. The Lab asked him where he got the
    water and when he replied from Victoria Rain fall they were shocked. his
    water sample had the same as many other samples. Water clouds
    dissipate,chemtrails spread out as seen in video. its Weather control

  9. countessarcadius

    hey there dear friend! GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! how are you doing? you sound
    great! hope things are well with you, thinking of you often! nice place
    you’re at there

  10. 1TALulu

    The chemtrail’s here are like that real bad lately they even made a cross
    sign over my part of town i live across from an airport

  11. tundra2012

    Hey there bro, Your area looks much the same as mine here in the PNW. A
    little more mountains here though. Same chem trails going on here. Would be
    nice to talk again sometime.

  12. pappawheely

    if a lot of folks reported where the trails were perhaps one could connect
    the dots and see what the dark forces are up to. Their next target?

  13. Jan Netherdrake

    Do you have any evidence to support that these ‘trails’ are harmful? To me,
    it just seems like water clouds. Besides, would they have to intoxicate the
    air, when they already feed you everything they want?

  14. connectingdots2

    ok so now you’re trying to imply that you have years of flying yet you
    don’t know the difference between a Condensation trail and these extremely
    long Chem trails in the video? you’re aware that some of these Chemtrails
    are over 5 miles long…and aware that they DIDN’T Dissipate like normal
    Contrails, instead they spread out to form thin misty cloud cover. I’m sure
    that if you have yrs of flying then you’ve never seen a Contrail spread out
    and linger for hours after it Jet passed!

  15. connectingdots2

    lol …don’t tell me…you’re new to Chemtrails? my advice to you is get
    informed and ask older folks around you if they remember seeing Jet
    contrails lingering in the air hours after the jet passed and if those same
    clouds instead of dissipating au lieu spread out to form a thin cloud. Also
    you might want to stop listening to Kevin D Blanch as you may have gotten
    your attitude from him, Kevin has Banned me for telling how Gold would
    continue increasing,he sent me Nasty worded msg & Banned me!

  16. connectingdots2

    its sad that have to explain this all to a person who claims to have flown!
    there’s more than enough evidence showing these aren’t normal , heck we
    even have commercial pilots, 60 Minutes doing Documentaries on it, we have
    US Navy articles showing how they planned to spray our atmosphere to
    control weather yet for some reason U think it’s Normal to have entire
    cities covered in chemtrails day after day?? you’re just another
    Troll…good bye!


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