6-15-2012 Massive Chemtrail Activity in Oregon

Bend, Oregon TheSacredThief.com The music used is my own. Copyright Sacred Skin Music 2011. Massive Chemtrail Activity from 6/15/2012 documented on satellite…

10 thoughts on “6-15-2012 Massive Chemtrail Activity in Oregon

  1. Pat Bishoff

    the S curve you caught on video is PRICELESS!!! I live in Bend and am
    disgusted what these scum are doing to our planet. GeoEngerneering – google

  2. The Paulstal Service

    Keep it up- put up posters around your town/area and put them on car
    windshields an inside open windows.. it’s the best way to get the area

  3. Earthshepherds

    So sorry you ‘all are dealing with it. Then again, Evergreen Air is in your
    neck of the woods, and they seem to be responsible for most of the
    spraying. Or should I say Raytheon, as I believe that’s who bought ’em.
    We’re having a rough time here in Seattle/Tacoma. After a hiatus in early
    July for the 4th, we’ve had massive massive spraying the past few days.
    It’s eery, hard to breathe, and SO frustrating!!!

  4. Earthshepherds

    Thanks for taking the time to shoot this video. Up north in Seattle, we’re
    also being sprayed continually, day after day. In fact, we’re seeing the
    planes come from down near Oregon and from up north, back and forth. 10
    years ago the Pacific Northwest was THE place to be in the summer time.
    Now, we’re left with continual milky cloud cover, increasing humidity (a la
    Southern states, ugh), and increasing asthma and allergies. How can anyone
    not see this happening wonder what’s up?


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