6/1/2011 — Steering the storm towards the USA with “cloud seeding” aka “chemtrails”

the “cloud seeding” and “storm steering” can be seen in its original here for the next few days: www.atmos.washington.edu much love dutchsinse

25 thoughts on “6/1/2011 — Steering the storm towards the USA with “cloud seeding” aka “chemtrails”

  1. Rand0mManic

    LOL. With all the cloud seeding that has been admitted to these days, like everywhere, It couldnt be geoengineering could it? No chance in the world.

    LMAO. 5 months ago I if I saw this I’d be certain it is geoengineering..

    You do realize if that storm pulled in and flooded out a city, geoengneering would have never ever exsisted for another 6 mths.

    Only when weather modding saves people and cows? from droughts have chemtrails ever been a reality..

    Didnt you know that?

    Tsk. Face palm.

  2. xlla

    ?All on the commercial flight path for planes northbound out of Orlando International Airport? ? ?
    Some of the ConChemtrails have a NW-SE path, and the (supposed) MCO craft are far to numerous (in formation) to be NORMAL commercial airtraffic.
    I have seen this happen right in the middle of the Pacific! ! 3-5 simultaneous aircraft COULD be normal? this is something else, possible flying slightly above the commercial airtraffic?!?

  3. elmamo2000

    @JoosLiesRules that’s the entire point of the argument.. conditions are the same but one aircraft is spraying chemicals and you have a chemtrail.. and the other one is just condensation and only has a contrail.. Discredits the argument that they’re both the same but only? show to be different due to the conditions… not true, one is chemicals the other one is just condensation..

  4. scombrid2

    That MCS was? just rotating around the periphery of a particularly strong surface high pressure and was feeding off of warm ocean temps.

  5. scombrid2

    The upper level outflow and cooling would lead to favorable conditions for persistent contrail formation around the periphery of such a mesoscale convective system. All? the supposed chemtrail are right on the usual commercial flight path for plane northbound out of MCO. Often the conditions that lead to the atmosphere being unstable enough to support convection also favor persistent contrails (cold temps at flight level with relative humidities exeeding 70%).

  6. navyone1978

    Looks like natural storm formation to me… But hey, can’t lest basic science get in the way of a conspiracy?

  7. Justin86991

    A technology has detected a technology of rings, squares and chem trails. This is the simple step here. Revealing things that? are there we cannot physically see. There is no reason to cross the finish line without stepping out the journey.

    So the question I think about is; where does technology stop and something else take over? Better…how can anyone conclude say…this is caused by human hands as some say….or divine hands…or even other beings without hands? Staying open seems the best.

  8. SamanthaYvete

    I live in SC and was @ Hunting Island over the w/end. Upon arriving I noticed a plane leaving chemtrail. There were? also a few military helicopters buzzing about. W/in 2 hours a big black cloud had formed where the chemtrails were. When the rain started we left to grab lunch & before we’d left the island it was sunny again. helicopters remained active all day. Was rather freaky & surreal seeing in action all that i’ve been learning by watching your videos Dutch. Keep doing what you do.

  9. DeliriousKindness1

    God is lifting the veil while the world has a circular conversation .
    One man’s destiny leads to another? man’s sorrow.
    Divine acceptance of purest love and truth.
    Joy of Jesus is the best high ever.

  10. Justin86991

    I say this respectfully and without competing at all.

    Better…something usually unseen is being revealed.To accept…to accept
    things exist we normally cannot see …helps to create a little freedom for oneself because it simultaneously rejects the thoughts of others who could never accept that notion. Sought of …little space opens up.

    Georgia stones is interesting …but should one let another’s thoughts take over? the freedom just mentioned.

  11. DeliriousKindness1

    The evil elite are trying to kill everything and depopulate the earth? ,so there NwO religion or old world order for a better title get all God like power and control of the 500 million slaves that have survived .
    What they don’t figure ,is when there in there under ground labyrinths
    Satan will turn on them,
    (See Georgia Stones),Anybody got a tractor ?lol
    “Mankind is the only species that destroys its own home while there still living in it .”

  12. DeliriousKindness1

    I guess soon there be steering hurricanes to the New Madrid Fault
    I live in? Pensacola ,Fl.We already get our fair share .
    Obama is useless

  13. JimBridger100

    thats weird cuz atmospheric? scientists have been saying for decades that persistent contrails often form in front of cyclones and fronts as the humidity increases…just like high cirrus clouds move in 12 hours before a storm…what a coincidence…

    the ultimate chemtrail proof found here:

    Contrailscience DOTcom

  14. zarran1

    Hi dutch check zarran1 police helicopter chemtrail , a quick vid i took showing a police helicopter? sprayin above my house , how deep is the rabbit hole if it is this rife from the state we just cant just stand and watch anymore in peace and truth zarran

  15. josephsystempro

    looks like the sport of curling, where they use brooms to smooth the ice so the stones go where? they want. makes sense to me. but since they already used this stuff against the viet cong on the ho chi mihn trail, its obviously a weapon. who in their right mind would steer a storm into a population?

  16. radyananda

    definitely looks like dozens of chemtrails laid — they’re too symetrical? to be natural.

    But I’m not convinced they’re steering the storm. Isn’t that the normal trajectory of such a stormfront?


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