6/21/2011 — chemtrails caught on Satellite feed — stopping a cyclone

seen on “satellite view” from intellicast…. www.intellicast.com

25 thoughts on “6/21/2011 — chemtrails caught on Satellite feed — stopping a cyclone

  1. richmanpoman1

    I think “they” are onto those who are exposing their evil,via youtube. Recently I have theory, which may already been brought to light. Because so many are aware of “what is going on” they/them/nwo whoever are stopping and starting the spray, so looking up you can see a line, but then it cuts off and starts up again, somewhere across the sky. Like dashes. They? will continue this for sure. FYI google search results are manipulated from what I see.

  2. klimzo

    well, we get chem-trails in Denmark alot.. and? we dont have any change of cyclone..

    please explain that sir.

  3. bonnieblue80

    @F900Driver Well, I don’t argue with idiots…so there you go. If you want proof, go effing find it yourself you tool. I’ve been doing research for years, and it’s not my job to give you the information that is readily available? to you on the internet…the wonders of the effing internet, you can find anything you want. You want proof, find it yourself, or don’t effing ask questions.

  4. weirdunit1

    Hurricane Dora is approaching the chemtrail clouds now in Baja Mexico. The checkerboard clouds are still visible by? satellite. UNDENIABLY chemtrails to the NW of the hurricane!!!

  5. F900Driver

    @bonnieblue80 You are the one who made the assertion, and I asked for proof. If you don’t have? the proof, then don’t make the assertion. And do not tell me to use my brain, you are the one who believes all this garbage about chemtrails. For your information, the length of time that a CONTRAIL will last is dependent on the temp of the air in which the jet was flying at that time. The colder the air temp the longer lasting the contrail. It is that simple!

  6. bonnieblue80

    @F900Driver I think it? came out sometime between 2006-2009. I saw a Discovery channel show about climate change, and they cited this study done over the 3 days the airspace was shut down for 9/11. I’m sure a little google searching and you could find some info on it. But I don’t have a link handy. Use your brain to find the answers, I’m not preaching the gospel, figure it out for yourself. That’s the only way to form a genuine opinion about something, research it until you’re satisfied.

  7. CharlieChimp26

    Of? course they don’t add Barium, Aluminium & Strontium etc. to the fuel. They use Aerosols. Erm & there are at least 60 odd Geo-Engineering/Weather Modification programs at any one time, (from what I’ve read via research). Awesome vid but what other than HAARP can cause ripple-effects in clouds, (whether they be manmade or otherwise?) Just interested.

  8. Rosyheart1

    no fly-overs here by Yosemite!! The Skies.? filled with smoke from the big fires in SouthWest and we’ve been hurtin but no goddamned chemtrails and our moods improved somewhat; praying for rain for the SouthWest! thanks Dutch!

  9. vermontapple

    @Skywitness Isn’t antics kind of a big word for you? I am just pointing out the facts. Metals would not survive the combustion of jet fuel.

    If you guys are going to keep arguing that chemtrails are real you are going to have to come to terms? with the fact that the spray ingredients are most certainly not added to the fuel.

  10. Skywitness

    @vermontapple Your drama queen antics have dragged on long enough here? also. You’ve got nothing… so get lost.

  11. vermontapple

    @bonnieblue80 I never said weather? modification isn’t possible. I said that you can’t add barium and aluminum to jet fuel and not have the engines seize up mid flight, and that the metal would not survive the combustion process.

    While weather modification may be possible, there is nothing that suggests the contrails we all see in the sky have anything to do with weather modification. Its also possible for to rocket our nuclear waste into space, but it doesn’t mean its happening.

  12. vermontapple

    @Skywitness I love how? you always bring something completely unrelated into the discussion, like Obama’s birth certificate? It doesn’t change that there is video evidence of broken contrails from before 1997. Nobody gives a fuck if the video was filmed in American airspace or not. You can’t win this argument. The video evidence is there.

    Don’t be such a tool. You need to try harder if you don’t want to look like an idiot.

  13. Skywitness

    @JimBridger100 Your drama is dragging on way to long, so I know you’ll understand that I won’t be responding here to you again until you bring forth the video evidence of the so called broken contrails over America before 1997.

    If you’re tempted to have your friends in the alphabet agencies produce fake evidence, tell them to do a better job than the Obama computer generated birth certificate fraud.? Until then….get lost. Hahahaha….

  14. JimBridger100

    @SkyWITLESS – really? physics doesn’t depend on borders…’sides how do you know they were not over “america”.

    Can you explain why those contrails from 65 yrs? ago were starting and stopping??

    besides- all your Tanker enema vids are over Italy…

    Face it- you have been exposed as an ignorant fool who fears reality.

    Good luck with that.

  15. Skywitness

    @JimBridger100 Owned?… Don’t make me laugh at you again, but you’re halfway there Jimmy; however, you left out an important part of my statement which was: “in the skys over America before 1997”.? I know this is hard for you to deal with, but try to be a big boy now and deal with it.

    Btw, say hi to beachdummy2008, aka jazzroc for me. I can tell you disinfo failures spend to much time listening to him.

  16. bonnieblue80

    @vermontapple: I may have misspoken on that point. After years of researching some of the info blends together, and I’ve lost most of my pdf files when my computer kicked the bucket, and I’m not looking it up for you. If you don’t think weather mod is possible, and are set in your idea of how the world works, then what’s the point of posting comments on videos like this? If you’re just looking to argue with people? who are looking into this, why waste the energy?

  17. JimBridger100

    Sorry WitLess…you can’t just pretend I didn’t just own you…anyone can see? for themselves. You requested video evidence of broken contrails before 1997…the video shows exactly that….contrails starting and stopping…broken contrails….

    YOU have been exposed as a liar.

    Watch- you will avoid the reality of what the video shows…instead you will reply with insults and foolishness….keep digging witless.

  18. Skywitness

    @JimBridger100 In case you missed what? I said, I’ll repeat it just for you Jimmy. I know you’re busy and can easily over look things because of all the chores that your handler gives you to do. But anyways, the following is what I said:

    “Anytime you want to jump in and show video evidence of the so called broken contrails in the skys over America before 1997, then be my guest.”

    Stay focused now Jimmy….come back to the plate when you really have something. Thanks.

  19. JimBridger100

    @SkywitLess –

    ok..here are some broken contrails from before 1997- watch:


    watch? at 00:45 as the contrail mysteriously “turns off”


    Witless…yer too easy…another failed fool stuck in a web of lies and ignorance…

  20. Skywitness

    @JimBridger100 Hehehe….Jimmy, you’re making me sleepy with your pointless? words. Anytime you want to jump in and show video evidence of the so called broken contrails in the skys over America before 1997, then be my guest. Don’t hold back…jump right in.

    Your buddy vermon has given up…and it really looks like you have too, since all you seem to also have is empty talk which only makes a bad smoke screen for your lack of video evidence.

  21. JimBridger100

    @SkywitLess –

    indeed. facts, science and? logic bore you….you prefer myths and fantasies…such is the life of a Believer.

    …and you wonder why people laugh at you.

  22. JimBridger100

    @Skywitless – Alas, you simply expose your ignorance w/comments like that- contrails -? like clouds- are a function of temp, humidity and pressure…there is a range of these conditions under which they will form/persist…should a place fly thru a patch of air that falls outside of this range, the contrail will stop forming….much like a cloud has a gap, so to can a contrail.

    This is very basic, simple science…as such I fully expect U to not understand it- instead cling to myths and insults


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