7 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day, why people are coughing and getting sick, and why everything on the news is suddenly a crisis?… This film is handed out to anyone with a free hand where I live yet I haven’t found it on the Web so thought I’d extend its reach to…

25 thoughts on “7 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. TrutherD1

    Hey 3ED, no prob. I’m happy to help. Out of all the films available this is the one I distribute (450 now!). It’s so informative and effective, everyone possible must see it in full.

    You might want to try the “Bulk Upload” tool with Google Gears. I had less problems with that than the single file upload. If you figure it out let me know and I’ll remove my vids. The only one I had to modify was part 4, removing 5 secs from the beginning of Diesel Power. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. 3rdEyeDear

    Hi TrutherD1 and thank you for uploading the parts with the audio removed, I’ve been trying to upload them for a while now but they don’t go “live”, nor do my new videos. I tried uploading to Clipser with no luck so I’m thinking it’s a computer problem here. Thank you again for the fix, it’s much appreciated.

  3. appolyonyx

    AHHHHHH )*(^&#(%^(#*^!!!!!!!
    I am sick of this audio blackout! It is personal for us and we will get the better of you elitists. We have ethics amongst us and can govern ourselves. We don’t need you. And you cannot train us to ‘need’ you. You will die and won’t take us with you.

  4. 53531640

    For all those people critising WMG. I hope you are concerned enough that if you ever buy music, it is not from this company.

    vote with your pocket.

  5. iceisnice61

    Ya right. Copyright. Audio. Bullshit.
    More like, important information.
    2 of 7 censored. Strangely enough in the other segments, copwrited songs DOES NOT seem to be prominate.

  6. sjbucci

    There must be some important information in this segment of the film, but the most important message you can read: TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT CHEMTRAILS!

  7. itsjustadamnedname


    75 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10019
    Tel: (212) 275-2000

    Google [who owns youtube] wants to obliterate copyright so they can steal all of our books… but don’t mind cesnoring controversial topics left and right….

  8. Deathspade66

    So.. if its all the same video series. and its from a DVD… why the fuck does this specific 7.5min segment not have any audio?

    fuck the hidden ones.

  9. eiffuy

    They probably live in areas that are not heavily sprayed either. Planes don’t fly over certain houses doing this I am sure.


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