7/21/2011 — Heavy Chemtrail activity = severe storms upon US arrival

NOT regular contrails… seen staying and GROWING for multiple hours … This is cloud seeding 101 for those new to the subject. read up on it here from a COMPANY that does it every day ! www.weathermodification.com Off the coast of California, we are seeing a LARGE amount of chemtrail cloud seeding activity. Covering at least 4 times the size of the state of California. seen on intellicast cloud cover view www.intellicast.com

25 thoughts on “7/21/2011 — Heavy Chemtrail activity = severe storms upon US arrival

  1. Dunford00

    last year the local papers put out a disinfo article about chemtrails during a heavy spray time, people were talking, including me!, and waking up, thats why they put the article out there, and right after the chemtrails stopped, and we havent seen much since, just short cloud looking bursts to keep attention away.
    i dont think its about causing storms, and it makes sense to spray off the coast like they do in hawii etc. out of sight and it blows right in and on us, thanks for the reports! Evan

  2. BloodMoons2014

    I would like to add to this, that it did rain soon after this in San Diego, not much, but it was still a light amount of rain.

  3. GainesvilleNews

    Dutch…….It’s incorrect to assert that Chemtrails are always responsible, or intended to be responsible for severe storms, severe weather and precipitation. Don’t go there or you will lose credibility.

  4. Foodieholic

    @kapesun very important comment, and would explain why many of us are noticing that we aren’t seeing trails as much, but the milky sky is omnipresent – it’s amazing they even sprayed so obviously in the first place. What were thinking, that we NEVER look up? Or that chemtrails look like contrails? Or that we would just believe what we’re told because the government has proven themselves trustworthy???

  5. kapesun

    I read ana article in phsyorg a few months ago on a new substance for aerosol spraying that expands much larger than previous chemicals used and stays suspended for much longer periods of time. And actually you CAN see this type of extreme chemtrailing nearly every day on MODIS sat images over Gulf Of Mexico and on east coast of Florida. 1/4 ounce creates several footballs fields of coverage when sprayed. Nano based chemicals

  6. yezelsqueeze

    Excellent work. I live in San Diego CA, and four days later on sunday, I am seeing these fake looking clouds overhead, for the first time in a while BTW. It makes sense that the stuff they sprayed over the ocean drifted in; The winds blow in from the ocean.

  7. rtbeghin1

    @cbemerine I appreciate this information. I’m not shocked though. We have had these weird types of trails that I thought were somewhat abnormal. In fact, I had stopped the car on the Highway because of the weird trail that this plane was leaving. My Son thought it was strange as well. It almost looked like a rocket with 2 large lines following behind it. I will research this further.

  8. cbemerine

    In addition to jets, boats and trucks with tankers creating clouds, could we have black ops ~ UFO type craft entering the fray…might take filters on cameras to pick up both the trails (until they turn visible) and vehicles in use. Here are two interesting videos, enjoy.

    watch?v=6wLH4_-_QJc Acrobatic UFOs captured on camera over Sydney (user colourufo)

    Time to put filters on our cameras and see what we can see.

  9. cbemerine

    @rtbeghin1 Do a search here on Youtube and watch the one asking what are they spraying?

    Over an 8 year period in Hawaii, they documented increase in ppm of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, none of which appear in the quantities measured in nature. End result, changing soil alkalinity, 40% drop in yield of crops, inability to sprout some native plants. Long term effects go way beyond brain disorders, Alzheimers, etc… its not good for us that is for sure.

    Ignore the trolls, this is real.

  10. danieljohnhousley

    I want to know what’s going on in someone’s head when they look at a perfect square/circular gap in the pretty colours and don’t instantly go “oh look, there’s some data missing”. What makes them thing “probably government weather control experiment gone wrong”.

  11. danieljohnhousley

    @msyougotafriend you “should get an education” hmm, yes one might say I already have, chief. “i’m not surprised you have a bad attitude”, oh why exactly?, “Dutch is correct” that is your opinion, not scientific truth. “he has a mesmerizing voice”, so do hypnotists. “and a good vocabulary.” as in, just about anyone who’s not on crack, admittedly quite a wide range of words for an american though..

  12. danieljohnhousley

    @Mandama004 Perfectly curved edges or straight edges are incredibly common in multi-radar plots, firstly in the video there are at least 5/6 radars based in different locations, (I’ll leave it as an exercise to the viewer to identify the radar sites), the data and fov don’t always coincide, infact the most laughable thing “oh an invisible barrier making the clouds change their colour”, no, it’s just moving from one radar to another and they don’t all have the same sensitivity.

  13. GlobalShifttk

    @zippyvideospwns Weather Modification Activities are going on its a last option they know whats coming the Aluminium oxide they spray reflects deadley rays back into space and yes it does poison some people and plants but its better than what we would have already faced if they did not do this just study it but whats about to happen only god can save us from it not the chemtrails love you all god bless….

  14. zippyvideospwns

    The NOAA (Nat’l Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm.) actually has a form “Initial Report On Weather Modification Activities” (Google it) “to be received 10 days or more prior to actual modification activites” and has an OMB Control Number, the Paperwork Reduction Act notice and cites the Public Law requiring the reporting. Section 6 of the form asks for a “Description Of Weather Modification Apparatus, Modification Agents and Their Dispersal Rates, the Techniques Employed, Etc.”


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