7/3/2011 — Two giant HAARP rings — Saint Louis, MO and Evansville, IN

1045pm CST 7-3-2011 expect severe weather at the center of the named “HAARP rings”.. within 24-48 hours from now. Saint Louis, Missouri Evansville, Indiana Paducah, Kentucky Portland, Maine

25 thoughts on “7/3/2011 — Two giant HAARP rings — Saint Louis, MO and Evansville, IN

  1. arafel1964

    Just…wow!! I really need to learn how to read or gain the knowledge to see the signs like you do for Europe. I have so many questions right now but these would fill some comments. Personally I think this is scary stuff. If humans are messing with the weather…it’s just not good. But how do one see the difference between ‘normal rainstorms’ and ‘Haarp interference’? I understand it’s something about seeing a kind of circle form? What the heck is going on worldwide. Do we pay the price someday?

  2. electricfemale

    What you post is wonderful Dutch, there is a lot going on and I expect some things to be off, what I am noticing is we keep getting from the weather show, predictions of rain, the clouds are heading our way then just go away, in southern Wisconsin. I know you are on the right track, keep up the great work and we will all keep looking also. Blessings.

  3. JimBridger100

    Its now been 48 hours since he posted this video….

    the predictions of DUTCH specifically said said:

    “expect severe weather at the center of the named “HAARP rings”.. within 24-48 hours from now. Saint Louis, Missouri, Evansville, Indiana, Paducah, Kentucky, Portland, Maine”

    NONE of these places experienced ANY storms at all…much less severe…

    this is yet another in a long run of bogus predictions from ol Dutchy.

    oh well…the internet herd doesn’t care…dutchy makes them feel special

  4. shorty47711

    Here in Evansville there has been no cloud cover at all today so obviously they can’t produce any storms without cloud cover, but the front of clouds and storms in Nebraska and Iowa is heading our way and I expect it to flare up overnight, so we shall see. It’s really humid here, so hopefully nothing catches us off-guard while we’re sleeping. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out periodically throughout the night.

  5. JimBridger100

    Its been over 40hrs since he posted this….none of the places he mentioned has had any severe weather….with none in the immediate forecast…

    Will people notice or care?

    can anybody explain this…other than the obvious?

  6. loveSc7

    in Great britain appeared a rainbow upside down.. I don’t know if it as to do anything with this, but maybe you’d like to know..

  7. compagotv

    Basic critical thinking here. Before making any wild claim your best move would be to interview and discuss with professional meteorologists and several reputable people within the atmospheric science community. As far as I can tell, there is just one Haarp facility in Alaska.

  8. dutchsinse

    @dlo670 of course its from nexrad sites… where else can someone put antenna that will control the weather.. who do you think is controlling it.. its a rhetorical question NWS is controlling “it”…… and “it” is NOT nexrad.. “it” is something else that is showing up ON nexrad.. broadcast from the same location with a LARGER zone of influence… and interacts with OTHER rings.. oh yes.. one more thing.. they ALL get an incoming “beam” before they flare up.. .. lol.. learn something foolio

  9. dutchsinse

    @compagotv you speak with confidence on a subject no one could know anything about.. therefore you are bloviating your own opinion without any proof to back it up.

  10. dlo670

    @compagotv i guess he doesn’t have time to research the REAL reason these rings and other anomalies keep popping up. i used to think he was on to something. but after even a few hours of searching ….its too accidental that every storm..with a ring just happens to be over a nexrad station….i’m over it man give me more proof i’m not buying the hype anymore…


    Please tell me this storm at 6pm in amesbury ma. Boston area was a HAARP storm. Constant 60mph guessing up to like 90mph winds and crazy amount of.rain . Let me know. Or anyone.that witnessed.what im.talking about. Thanks

  12. tatoott1009

    INDEPENDENCE DAY 7-4-2011 Oath Keepers PART 2.avi

    7-4-2011 What’s Going On In Antarctica? 1 HR. OF VIDEO IN 14 MIN. VLF HAARP .avi

    6-29-2011 Amazing storm clouds IN FL..avi

    INDEPENDENCE DAY 7-4-2011 Oath Keepers [WAKE UP].avi

  13. Momjac

    @Dutchsinse This is a MUST READ!! This report WEATHER MODIFICATION: AN OVERVIEW OF WEATHER MODIFICATION IN THE USA Absolutely the BEST Ive seen in 15 years. I found it on Steve Quailes site.. July 1, 2011. It explains everything from 1960’s to today, including chem trails health (Morgellans, resperatory, etc), HAARP, all the stuf Dutch is finding on the radar, weaponizing weather, congress involvement, etc.
    Also there is a video contained far down in the article MUST WATCH! much love,

  14. darxcyber

    Going frame by frame us much easier to follow and understand, one if your better bids to explain HAARP activity

  15. SimplyProvincial

    Hello, Love the work you do.
    I live in Baton Rouge LA and we had some seriously bad weather yesterday. I checked the radar and it looked to me like clouds were coming up from the south as well as down from the north east to form a circular shaped cloud directly over Baton Rouge. This was around maybe 2.30pm-4pm. When the sun was going down I went outside and it looked like there was a double sun and there was a definate line of very faint rainbow like colors in a break in the clouds. HAARP?

  16. GypsyGurl77

    In the past couple of days, there have seen several big storms heading right for Cincinnati…from both the N and the W. As they get closer, they dissipate. No…this is not unusual. But it is unusual to have so many in a row do this. We finally got rain from one of them this morning, but no thunderstorm. Weird.

  17. BabylonsKing

    All I know is we are dying a Slow death here in the State of Oklahoma where my Son lives. They saw about a minute or two of rain within the past five months it seems. Up until then they were spraying at minimum 50 Chem Trails and some days over 100, could this be the end of civilization here as we know it. Not one day under 100 for two months now.


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