8 Minuts of a TOTAL REAL UFO in Moscow 01-30-2010

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25 thoughts on “8 Minuts of a TOTAL REAL UFO in Moscow 01-30-2010

  1. tommytomted44

    Is that the first word you could think of? Helicopter? Are you kidding? What about the 2nd one? Was that a helicopter too?

  2. michaelpkelly

    Outstanding! Debunk that! lol

    I know a bit about digital imaging… this video is real… as to what is being recorded… you decide.

  3. Uummadaani

    @spymak7 aaand? People who have seen ufo’s thinks differently, I know I do.
    Respect for your skepticism, respect others beliefs 😉

  4. PulpDream

    @ad3m98 Yeah Russia has crappy rockets flying above Moscow on daily basis.
    And they often freeze in midair because its so cold in Russia right?


    @Magsent yes ive heard about the ufos around oct 13. first in nyc and 2 days later in el paso. they look alike as well making it more weird. i will look up the germany one as well. thanks for the info, keep in touch, ttyl 😉

  6. Magsent

    @DJSIMPLYP Sorry, I was being sarcastic about the EU…. You can bet
    they will not keep us informed about such things hense the retraction and denial of that post by the EU person just yesterday! But dont be discouraged, there are many new sightings this month over major cities which people have put on youtube. The one over Germany is exraordinary! be sure to look at that one! More and more people are looking at these videos and demanding to know the truth. We must keep demanding it!


    @Magsent are u sure about the comissioner stuff? if thats true that is incredible, i guess the disclosure project was right. this video looks real. hope its not people posing as aliens. im so worried and excited about whats gonna happen next. cause if they appoiinted a commissioner to talk to the aliens then that means they are starting to admit there are aliens 😉

  8. Magsent

    These are not fake. I have seen them over southern England below the clouds when it has been raining so it can’t be lanterns.
    Still we needn’t be worried ’cause the EU have appointed a commissioner for the greeting of Alians now! so I’m sure they will keep us well informed!!!!


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