9 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

Analysis of official story explanations, exposing the glaring inconsistencies and down-right lies. This section also dissects NASA’s Contrail Factsheet and Contrail Education, and reveals official government documents that show chemtrails are a WEAPONS SYSTEM. global warming documentary…

25 thoughts on “9 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather

  1. danmarino1970

    I remember when it used to rain for days..this is a usual occurance in New Jersey but recently is hasn’t rained (just a drizzle here and there.. and that’s when the weather man says there’s a strom on the way). Chemtrails are common occurance in New Jersey (people will deny due to the fear feeling vulnerable) There is a definite connection between chemtrails and the weather. Barium salts found in these CT probably destroy the clouds ability to produce rain. Control water.. control the world.

  2. AmMellow

    It could be to attract radar. What would that be for? Would it be to make it a target for missiles? Cos I can see artificial overcast in the sky today! I’m scared.

  3. Matey3

    I hate those stupid idiots who call chemtrails as contrails.
    the RADAR theory is also BULLSHI*, Adding “Stuff” in with Jet Fuel is also BULLSHI*!
    These goddamn chemicals come out of spray heads and are sprayed ONLY over Populated areas. The stuff about Weather modification is also BULLSHI*
    Not all of us stick our heads in that bastard-zionist fag/filth-box called TV and are no Idiots.

  4. iceisnice61

    oh, one last thing.
    your Q at the end…
    if I might offer..
    Its their contempt for us (humanity). Thats the reason the Ruling Elite will always tell us what is in store for mankind.
    Keep safe,bc from what I can see, its only going to get worse before it gets better, much worse.

  5. iceisnice61

    hi appolyonyx.
    “Idiot with authority” classic. We have our fair share in power north of the 49th.
    Didn’t mean to indicate Can. gov doesn’t treat us like idiots up here, just on this issue. Hardly anybody notices the trails (as they are now intensifing their work) up here. even if they did, i am sure we would get feed the same bull.
    As far as NAU, it happen already. Its called NAFTA + new Mil. rules. Done. Now its just a matter of degree. SPP (puke). The Orwellian NWO sucks. take care

  6. appolyonyx

    Just wait. we are merging our countries for a stupid NAU. It’s up to you and me to stick together since tards want to run the continent. The second most dangerous thing in the world is an idiot with authority. Why these globalists act like idiots on purpose – for an evil purpose… is beyond me.

  7. iceisnice61

    “Chaff” thats just the STUPIDEST thing I have heard of, and a SERIOUS INSULT to ones intelligence.
    This explanation must have been for US audiences.
    At least in Canada the government is staying quiet, and not insulting our intelligence. YET.

  8. Simple2Perfection

    The media will never cover bc they are bought and paid through the Mockingbird Program under the CIA… and the Eugenics Governments think people are stupid animals and are laughing about the fact that people dont even notice… and/or state that those of us who do notice are conspiracy theorists… It’s disgusting… and the sheep lack common sense…Look up, Wake up…

  9. AaronAlso

    Let’s not assume anything, let’s base our conclusion on documented facts, credible witness testimony, and scientific research.

    Not to mention the US Government issued a press release a couple months ago admitting to “atmospheric aerosol spraying” in the NY Times.

    Anyone who still thinks this is a “conspiracy theory” is willingly being fooled.

  10. floydthebarbie

    Contrails will appear to switch on and off as the aircraft moves through different pockets of air which are at different temperatures, humidities etc.

    I think we should focus on more immediate problems such as good old starvation or poverty or racism or cancer or paranoid delusions.

    There are so many more important and better understood problems for us to worry about before we start inventing conspiracy theories about “funny looking clouds”.

    Get real people.

  11. IsabellaVisconti911

    Wow! I searched YouTube “illuminati project.” There’s 51 parts! So much to learn, so little time! How far down the rabbit hole do I want to go tonight….
    TY smoketweed09 for the trail….

  12. IsabellaVisconti911

    Let’s assume the aerosal spraying is really happening. It’s going on globally. Therefore, it’s planned. Governmental agencies deny it. They don’t want disclosure at this time, employ plausible deniability. Global spraying is coordinated. Media disinterest is also coordinated. By whom? Follow the $. This is a costly activity requiring secrecy. Clandestine global coordination requires a global cabal of planners. I submit the Bilderberg group knows, meeting now 5/15/09 in Greece. Research that.

  13. Matey3

    they even own discovery chan. They ttell these stupid stories bout RADAR BS. We arent in war times and why always on heavily populated areas?
    this bullshi*! more lies from the zionist-owned governments!
    b4 you call me a racist let me remind you all those so-called Islamic countries are also run & over run by these same evil zionist bastards. so there!
    Wake up
    if these bastards kill their own , do you think they care about you and your children?
    it burns their a**es to see your good W/Life!

  14. gangstagrannie

    If you search for the truth, eventually you’ll find it.
    If you ignore the truth, eventually it’ll find you.


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