A Chemtrail Introduction – Radio Report Montage

An audio montage of UK radio reports on the aerosol spraying operations, with visuals added including striped aerosol banks; two planes in close proximity, one with a trail, the other without; an extremely low trail going through a low cloud; salmon-coloured neon trails, etc. The solution = everyone knowing. We need to organize and hold the liars and deniers to account, passively and peaceably. Do NOT accept the mainstream climate change argument, whereby you are blamed for having a “carbon footprint” when planes are spraying the crap out of the sky! For those who haven’t noticed, watch what happens when the sky is clear: out come the planes in droves and make it hazy to completely overcast. Use your common sense, this is water vapour we’re talking about. Contrails dissipate like breath on a cold day. They should NOT form into clouds that blot out the sun!. Please feel free to use any of my videos to help spread the word to family, friends and neighbours. We need to know why the atmosphere is being “sprayed”.

25 thoughts on “A Chemtrail Introduction – Radio Report Montage

  1. theDuctapeUnion

    I’m not certain if the conspiracy folks are aware of this, so I’ll just throw this out there anyway. What the heck. No government in this juncture of humanity’s scientific know how is going to take full responsibility for the manipulation of the planet’s atmosphere. That said, these trails cause cloud cover. Cloud cover blocks out rays that in turn cause global warming. Why the fear? Why suspect the worst? I am personally impressed by such a farsighted approach.

  2. vanderslagmulders

    I hope that all of this isn’t true, but I have to admit that sometimes I’m astounded by the number of intersecting contrails that I see in the sky.

    On the other hand, even on nice weather days, with blue skies, the upper atmosphere can still contain a lot of (invisible) water vapour. This can cause contrails to contrails to remain visible, sometimes even for hours.

    Just the same, great compilation, quite eerie, and I’m certainly going to lookup more on this. thx.

  3. shineurs2

    I just attended my uncles (recently retired) funeral due to a rapidly and aggressive cancer…1 year, was his death sentence after chemo and removing just about every organ that they could; my aunt also was on chemo and removed her larynx after receiving her 1 year death sentence; now, my best friend, prior to X-mas was given a notice of the same type of cancer; 4 chemo treatments and …I AM ATTENDING HER FUNERAL ON THURSDAY!

    All of them were under the age of 60…2 many more to list…

  4. shineurs2

    I live in a rural area of the high desert, we do NOT have an international airport nearby, but they are probably coming out of the more recently revamped Logistics Airport in Adelanto, Ca…where we were promised would provide local jobs…NOT…all i see coming in/out is unmarked, military type aircraft…

    i have lost many people in the recent year due to sudden illness/DEATH! I am absolutely sure that we are being POISONED/MURDERED!


  5. shineurs2

    This is exactly what has been going on over my house for a few yrs…yesterday, in an area to my east (where it was clear blue), i counted 8 criss-crossing w/in a 30 minute period of time…NO WAY that these ‘spreaders’ from planes be on the same flight path crossways in that amount of time….similarly, to the immediate west (where the sun was brightly shining), three planes were in crossroads with ‘spreading’ trails…the end results…

    CHEMTRAIL SOUP skies (NO SUN) for the rest of the day!

  6. mithrawept

    Excellent montage. There are so many questions here which need answering. I see tremendous trail activity on one day and on another, with exactly the same weather conditions, no trails!

  7. kevvingtons

    Thanks 3rdEyeDear.
    A fantastic post. There’s great information here, not just in the evidence but in the attitudes of the instructed robot presenters of the various radio bulletins. Anybody who watches youyr vid, and isn’t moved to research further, must be fearful of the truth.


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