A Chemtrail Investigation

Please help by sharing this important message. Also stay tuned for my documentary “The Chemtrail Investigation”. Coming soon. Fair use notice: This video may…

15 thoughts on “A Chemtrail Investigation

  1. Nanny Wolfe

    chemtrails are real My dad is a retired air force pilot he says weather modification is VERY REAL and that they use certain chemicals to produce rain or they can kill the storm in place he? also said that the US uses foreign pilots NATO.

  2. katsmeowish

    those that plan, finance, promote and carry out geo-engineering are lying when? they say it’s to help prevent global warming. they always make their plans sound like they are for the good of people, but, geo-engineering creates the opposite, it pollutes water, soil and air, it warms and drys the globe. additionally it kills vegetation, animals and people.

  3. Nathan Lefevere

    true the issues are so many. it is a war for our minds and very exsitence? we fight don’t give up fossil fuels deforestation and nuclear must end and we must win to end them. life on earth depends on it.
    keep fighting.

  4. TLovelle

    at what point will we be able to stop this? there is so much going on I guess that is what they? have going for them, we can’t stop it all. we are bombarded with issues I don’t know what to fight. I used to feel I was an environmentalist, but now that just doesn’t seem to encompass all the problems and I feel so torn and so small.


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