A Poisoned World 4 CHEMTRAILS Parts A-E Morgellons Disease, Chemtrail secrets, CIA

Video series called A Poisoned World. Part 4 was in 5 parts. Here it has been compiled into one large video. This series has over 100 parts so far. You can v…

15 thoughts on “A Poisoned World 4 CHEMTRAILS Parts A-E Morgellons Disease, Chemtrail secrets, CIA

  1. Diademglo

    I am really getting tired of looking for info and just finding pictures of
    planes flying and all the same rehashed information. Where is some current
    information, anyone?

  2. Chinesehealthfitnes1

    Try this; Chemtrails are Labeled as “Exotic Weapons Systems” on Record

  3. Cerey Runyon

    I am beginning to believe that this is much bigger than conspiracy; This
    looks like a last ditch effort of humanity trying to save whatever it can
    of the planet. Can you imagine the cost of a concerted global spraying and
    the politics it would take to unleash such a vast global concerted effort.
    Whatever is coming (and it seems it is coming from space) will annihilate
    the surface and the atmosphere of the planet. It is apocalyptic and they
    are not telling us, and why would they?

  4. Cerey Runyon

    On another scary thought is; this is all part of the hybridization program
    initiated by aliens and they are changing the atmosphere to suit
    themselves.Of course the initial spraying began after the detonations of
    Van Allen. Barium and aluminum (radiation absorbers). I imagine that the
    first few detonations released enough isotopes to end life in a few decades
    and they realized this. But now it has turned into something entirely
    different and it is not just to manipulate the weather.

  5. Yttre Rymden

    CHECK THIS OUT!!! We live in a world where PSYCHOPATS wants to KILL or
    CONTROLL .. YOU! Nano-bots, BioAPI, Mind Controll .. Read more at
    “dataasylum . c o m” “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance –
    it is the illusion of knowledge.”

  6. Cerey Runyon

    There are plenty of reasons to see this as a conspiracy; but think out of
    that box for a moment. Recently (Red Rain) artificial human red blood cells
    that are Nano tech. and virtually indestructible have been found in the
    atmosphere. My first thought was ;control, programmable people. There is
    also is a global concerted effort to save all life forms in vaults like the
    seed vault. WHAT IS COMING? According to some abductees we were told to
    build a shield.Something big is coming.


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