A Poisoned World – Pt5 – HAARP & ChemTrails

HAARP – see it in action in this rare shocking vid. Whoever was behind the HAARP trigger clearly has no regard for life. NOTE: There is no voice narration on this vid – all documentary info is type-written into the video for you to read. I will sub a music trak shortly.

25 thoughts on “A Poisoned World – Pt5 – HAARP & ChemTrails

  1. SuesieakaSue

    @signsoftwentytwelve got the play list saved put it on my blog, and sent it out in email.

  2. signsoftwentytwelve

    @karenl1234 …I’ve been in the Truth Movement for 5 years now, and I’ve learned that we (conspiracy theorists) are not out to change peoples minds, but rather to deliver messages of truth. It’s up to the individual to choose lies or Truth and to decide what course of action he/she will take, based on correct info instead of lies & deceptions.

  3. signsoftwentytwelve

    @SuesieakaSue … I would never spray anybody like a cockroach, then I’d be no better than the evil people who are spreading these poisons to the masses of sheeple. Rather, I call it an “awakening”, congratulations on being one of few of growing #’s of sheeple to “wake-up”.. spread the Truth.. pls watch my entire APW series..
    Health, peace, Truth.

  4. SuesieakaSue

    When I first remember seeing these things I had no computer, didn’t know what was going on, but knew it was something sinister. When you talked about it back then you were a conspiracy theorist. I hate being sprayed like a cockroach!!

  5. signsoftwentytwelve

    @SPAGHETTIMONSTER1 search youtube under this exact title: “HAARP: Persian Gulf Eyewitness”


    I am looking for vid, it’s kinda older yr. or two? maybe you’ve seen it ? it some guys in a boat a tight beam is seen the water is glowing/bubling? burnt the dolphins. appreciated, if you know of it plz send me a link.

  7. fury69420

    @signsoftwentytwelve I like the sound of the piano but never had one in my life or know how to play.

  8. 2012ageoflight

    Good video . Its nice to know . So sad that nature get hurt by these cunts . Such a projects should be stopped . I heard that it also can slow down the Earths Movement and even change Earths Orbit . This is self destruction weapon . Death to all involved .

  9. signsoftwentytwelve

    @beejahbless ….. I remembered exactly this comment what you said 10 months ago when millions of birds & fish in the U.S. started dying AGAIN in January 2011… pls watch my APW series Part 51 from last October 2010

  10. signsoftwentytwelve

    @Anotherdesade 1984 is alive and well today.. the New World Order celebrates in 2012

  11. signsoftwentytwelve

    @iseehypocrites … yes indeed truly very sad… but your sadness will quickly turn into anger at those responsible… pls watch my entire APW series to see the BIG PICTURE and just how far reaching this sick agenda has gotten into all life forms on our dying planet. We truly live in a Poisoned World.

  12. iseehypocrites

    This one is really sad :(. Never in my life have I ever seen burnt dolphins.

    I’ve swam with dolphins in the ocean and once touched one at an aquarium, they are such beautiful, gentle creatures. Seeing this brought tears to the eyes. :(

  13. Hank396

    @manny90731213 You Idiot, They Are Using That Shit On Us As Well, Russia Has It To, & They Are Further Advanced In This Shit. This Is Why The Power That Be Want To Faze Out Nukes For This Harps Cause You Can’t Have Both Togehter Without Setting Off The Bombs. & Nuclear Plants Get It. This Shit Is Wrong, The Global Elite Have This Is Their Long List Of Weapons They Inttend To Depopulated The Whole Damned Planet At Large Don’t Be So Damn Stupid And Think They Don’t Have You Slated To Go Either.

  14. LoveMe24HoursADay

    Lets see we Have the Pakistan earthquake/the Haiti earthquake/The latest Iranian Earthquake Hmmmmm !!!


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