A strange spraying cylinder

www.tankerenemy.com 4 ottobre 2008, ore 18.30. Sanremo. Durante una “normale” giornata di irrorazione chimico-biologica, viene avvistato e filmato un oggetto di apparente forma cilindrica, privo sia di ali sia di impennaggi e senza luci di segnalazione da cui si diparte una densa e lunga scia che possiamo, per caratteristiche di forma, lunghezza e consistenza, ritenere una chemtrail. L’ordigno volante è molto strano e pare essere il frutto di retroingegneria, ossia sembra essere un velivolo terrestre progettato e costruito, attraverso lo studio di dischi schiantatisi sulla Terra e di cui sono stati studiati dai militari i sistemi propulsivi ed i vari aspetti tecnici. Un’analisi del video porta ad escludere che sia stato ripreso un tanker o comunque un aeroplano tra quelli generalmente impegnati nell’operazione di avvelenamento della biosfera.

25 thoughts on “A strange spraying cylinder

  1. trettomahawk

    @DarqueBeauty The same thing here! I remember that I woke a friend of mine up just with that “pretext”. We was messing around to find a piece of paper to play that game and I told him: “Take it easy man and look at the sky now: we’ve got what we need right there”. Bum…awaken!

  2. trettomahawk

    @seoirse777 And why was it flying over sucha highly inhabitated area? Where on earth was this bad boy going? What was it aiming? You know…those missiles are commonly made and used to crash something or somebody’s butt…so, well, it would be so nice to know those things!

  3. trettomahawk

    @XIIWicked Exactly. If you consider that every single airplane pollutes as several hundreds of uncatalyzed cars…without any need of both chemtrails or contrails on their tails! There is NEVER fresh water coming out of those engines! It’s really hard to make people understand this crucial point. They should have a research on STADIS 450, a jet fuel commonly used in aviation that contains, as a matter of fact, toxic additives and components (such as barium).

  4. trettomahawk

    @mgrzenda Are you kidding? This is too SLOW to be a missile!
    But let’s even take the “missile hypothesis” for a second… Is i something normal to see them flying over your house?! I think that trying to normalize the sight of an (alleged) cruise flying across th sky is just ridiculous! What will we do when we’ll see an atomic mushroom on the horizon? – “Don’t worry,darling: haven’t you ever heard of nuclear holocaust?…” Yeah, let’s have some of it!

  5. trettomahawk

    @TylerDurdenYou The cameraman is “tankerenemy” himself. This is the edited version of a much longer video, of course. He was filming the sky above his house, when he sighted, with naked eye, something little flying on his left. Then he turned the videocamera at it, zooming in. He is used to these sightings and so he is always ready to catch them.

  6. trettomahawk

    @QuevilleReaper It was flying straight and that peculiar shape remained the same for the entire passage. If you confront it with some photos/videos of real planes that fly far away, you can see that the wings can be seen, with their little shadows and there are always some clues that can help to identify it. The shape of a plane can’t be mistaken. This is something else,some military new drone,developed specifically for this operation perhaps.

  7. trettomahawk

    @lennchma I think that’s really too slow to be a missile. It’s more likely to be a drone, unknown to us. An experimental model maybe, a new “toy” for the military. And we are never made aware of these things, as always.

  8. QuevilleReaper

    Could possibly be a plane that is really far away.The only problem is wheres the tail?

    Also he said there’s no wings but if the plane is side on to him you would not see them.

  9. ThoughtWave64

    My common sense tells me this is a missile or test rocket. No feeling at all that this is extra terrestrial. Unidentified…yep…but it is likely a test rocket or missile.

  10. clarity2325

    Tankerenemy devotes a lot of his personal time catching chemtrails on record. The chemtrail was already half across the sky, it’s much more visible in real life too….just start looking up for yourself.

  11. m3141592

    Three pixels high and ten across?

    Strange how that’s exactly what a passenger liner would look like flying perpendicular at that distance.

    Or is that what ‘they’ want you to think?


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