A week of Chemtrails in Chemtrail City, AZ – 2nd week of Oct, 2010

Some Chemtrails I recorded this week starting with Sunday after church and then Thursday and Friday. Looks like it will be a Chemtrail Weekend for sure! Also, check out these chemtrail videos from my friends here in Arizona. Looks like we’re all looking at the same poison. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

10 thoughts on “A week of Chemtrails in Chemtrail City, AZ – 2nd week of Oct, 2010

  1. whatsnextnow19791

    I like how you point out the broken chem with that weird gash in it around 3:30 mark. I have got alot of weird stuff caught over this area. I just released the one from the 6th and 7th. I agree it’s right over the sun. I went to the park alot and noted just that, alot. You will see within this week. I believe they are chemtrailing us today as well. I want to ignore the 4 short fat trails I just seen over my roof moments ago. Too backed up already. They got us all real bad this month.

  2. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    LOL! Ah that’s because this isn’t from my phone!
    Some videos are from my phone and that is my HTC imagio.
    This was made with my HD video camera. It has high quality stereo sound too.

    I prefer the HD camera, but I record with whatever I have on me.
    Such as in stores it is almost always my HTC windows phone.

    I just got a pair of tine keychain cameras for stealth mode.
    I’m sure the video quality will be less than my phone and far less than this HD video.

  3. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    “fishnet”. That’s another good term for what we see.

    It raining after they sprayed is NOT a good thing. I’m sure that rain has poison within.

  4. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Those bastards.
    I haven’t been out yet today to see if they are still hitting us.

  5. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Yes it is.
    Here it is, 2PM on Saturday, I’ve slept in and don’t feel like going out. I planned to go out today. But I woke up feeling so tired and crappy.
    Hmm… maybe as a result of whatever fell to the ground last night? :-(

  6. TribulationWarrior

    We are getting hammered here in Okie City today. (Sat)
    I woke up to a beautiful blue sky this morning then the planes started flying a checker board pattern. they have turned the sky white in all directions as far as you can see.

  7. JeffTheDude777

    Yesterday afternoon it looked like a giant fishnet sprawled out across the whole valley. By time evening came along it was pouring rain. Weather channel made no mention of it raining that day… So I don’t know what the hell the purpose of the trails are. Seeding clouds? Or poisoning the population? Perhaps both? lol


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