Aerosol Attack

Wake up!!!! Our eyes do not deceive us. There is something very wrong in our skies!!!! A “Don’t Chemtrail Me Bro” Production

25 thoughts on “Aerosol Attack

  1. deeler40

    Heavy spraying in and around San Jose, Ca today August 12, 2011. It’s the first in over a month when we had two spray days a week all spring into early summer.

  2. cusanusnicolas

    FACT: Program run by CIA, secretly contaminate all organisms, soil, water with aluminum/barium,etc cripple and kill everything w/o aluminum resistant GM genes.


    Aluminum Resistant Seed Gene Patent #7582809
    Granted September 1, 2009
    Developed at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    Patent Assigned to US Dept of Agriculture
    Primary funding B. Gates, D. Rockefeller, Monsanto
    Alan Foos MS Soils, 3.84 gpa, free aluminum does NOT occur in nature

    TIME SHORT,? you? will DIE

  3. 99645md

    I had heard of chemtrails and seen some of the videos but never saw it personally until yesterday. I am outraged and feel that we need to do something about this. I spoke to someone in kansas about this experience and as we were on the phone her area was being sprayed. It seem to be happening more frequently. We can not allow our gov to do this. We will not have a future if we do. How can we form a coilition aganist this?

  4. ltcurry

    Well one thing is for sure, The Russians have less of a value fr life than the American Gov, as they make there own money, not tax. The people are slaves tot he system, not as Americans are slaves to idiots who control the laws.

  5. erniepond1

    North eastern and north western states of USA are suspect to persistent and spreading contrails. Southern states will be contrail free. See

  6. Charlesrocks

    We had 8 X Trails in the sky here in New Orleans today! This is more than I have ever seen in one day! Please see my videos. thanks

  7. Dimcle

    @MELISSA84008 Love it, Melissa! Did any of these conspiracy theorists ever get back to you with real, honest-to-goodness EVIDENCE, other than edited video of water vapour trails? I thought not.

  8. lalobaqtas

    ¿Esto fue grabado en Monterrey? ¡NWO! – ¡NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL a la vista! Cada vez lo esconden menos… Solo informarnos es lo que nos hara escapar del “NOM”. Se te agradece el video. Tienes mas recientes de Mty? Yo estoy por conseguir una camara, ya que veo que esto es cada vez mas frecuente alrededor del mundo y bien vale la pena el informanos entre nosotros mismos de lo que esta sucediendo, ya que increiblemente mucha gente ni lo nota, y los que si, no le dan importancia.
    Gracias por el video.

  9. jlettis

    @wiricutaman09 Marcel, the chemtrails are to protect us from radiation. If you haven’t noticed animals have been dieing off all over the world and humans would be too if it weren’t for the “chemtrails”. The rest of the story is better to be kept from the public but soon enough you’ll know.

  10. kennyclark96080

    I just want to warn everyone that there is an arsenal of government employees trying to go to every anti-establishment site and discredit them in any way they can. They are on the government pay-roll and will say anything to take down the truth movement because they fear an educated public. Don’t be tricked by their cheap tactics and name calling sandbox mentality.

  11. Geostrategic1

    The 127 fools that voted this down have their head in the sand with self inflicted ignorance. Look up in the sky and to see groups of jumbo jets spraying repeatedly.


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