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  1. charlie123abc360

    To be honest, I’m aware of many of real conspiracies such as 911 and such. But I have yet to see any evidence of anyone spraying chemicals out of planes, although I know that short programs have been run by the mod in the past. I mean there’s not one link to documents or a government official’s statement or recordings, NOTHING. Show me.

  2. vander863

    @PetiRoho to supplement… the majority of domestic beers are made from grain alcohol and CORN SYRUP. (by “grain” it’s taken to mean rice, oats, and whatever else but certainly not hops or barley) Corn syrup is a GM food that often contains significant amounts of mercury.

  3. Spirit7Filled


  4. Vstar4me

    @newearthful hello, you are very accurate, I live in the area, and am floored at how much they have been spraying us, now I watch the weather prediction page with real mistrust, I am referring to their predictions of cloudiness in Joshua tree. what really is hard to take is that most people dont get it, they are NOT IN TOUCH,
    So again, good for you! Refreshing someone is actually in touch, Mother Earth is taking a beating, and every living thing on it! I hope 2012 is a Fact!

  5. newearthful

    I have started to have thyroid issues, AT first I thought had food reactions or plant allergies but after close examination I have come to the conclusion it may be the chem trails, we have spraying almost daily I went to Joshua tree national park the sky was full of them,I felt horrible the next day. This is just horrible what (they) are doing to all living things:(

  6. mindcontrolsalsa

    after 9/11 the skies became blue again,remember?
    w/many countries US included using high
    definition spy cameras from outer space,
    contrail,.fake clouds ,etc…obscure views.
    so therefore air pollution rules us

  7. Vockica77

    @ FightForYourRights01 – it is sad that you are so close minded.
    I had a hair toxicity test done to find out why I was sick constantly. The test was undertaken by my doctor. A team of qualified medical experts could not explain the high levels of barium in my hair sample along with other toxic substances such as strontium-90. I have photos of the air checkered with white thick lines that remained there for hours. There are no bees or butterflies anymore. Everyone is sick. You do the math.

  8. AntiLieGuy

    NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 then said it was a mistake.
    They LIED!

    This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally. Its the reason for the increase in quakes and volcanoes and for the doomsday seed vault.

    It is also the warning for the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO on the day of the next us/israeli false flag to invade Iran.

    News here:
    (3w) . scribd . com/doc/16612974/War-News

  9. snowlily79

    awesome video… very informative!
    on days they are spraying these things, my energy level goes way down… working on finding way to combat this effect

  10. PetiRoho

    On the subject of chemtrails, one thing I have noticed is that the sky is not as blue as it was when I was a kid – THAT is undeniable. Guess I need to do more research.

  11. PetiRoho

    the Powers That Be will continue to use their power to screw the people and the planet, and we little folks will have little or no power to do anything about it. The only thing that might save us is if the planet, and/or the universe itself, irradicates the human race. I hope this happens soon.

    A side: Monday Night Football and Budweiser – two of the biggest detriments to fighting the tyranny that exists in the world today.

  12. PetiRoho

    I’m not sure I buy the chemtrail thing, but one thing for sure, so many people are sick nowadays. When I was a kid, nobody had diabetes, cholesterol, liver problems, GI problems, ED, or any of the hundreds of other conditions that are so rampant today. I figured it was from all the chemicals they sneak into our food & water, and the garbage they shove at us on TV (power of suggestion).

    Well, as I’ve been saying lately, the more I learn, the more disgust I feel. From what I’ve seen…

  13. Signzit

    Thanks mashj, You must be a mind reader, we were just discussing this, again!
    Have you read Cliff’s stuff on Morgellons?

    Media data @ 28:45


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