25 thoughts on “Aerosol Emissions Australia Wide

  1. pittspilot2

    A great place to observe chemtrails is Mt.Beauty airport.
    Spent 2 weeks there just after Christmas.
    We were bombarded every day with the exception of 3 days.
    It was obvious when they didn’t spray, it was as if the whole airline industry had a day? off.
    Most aircraft would leave a trail that would spread out and collectively create an overcast situation.
    Obvious as a glider pilot, no sun, no lift.
    Standing at the end of the runway you can see down the whole Kiewa Valley. Need a camera at this spot

  2. 2trancentral

    This is really a joke comparing to Europe…a few chemtrails there and there…Here, you can’t see the blue from the chemtrails, and there are like 20? trails intertwined in the same time…one night i counted 36 airplanes in 15-20 minutes spraying all over…

  3. bonpsy1

    bloke i asked about planes said “oh thats the asians( 4 asians guys, alway together,only ones redneck town.)they are pilots/students, for months a? bus picksem up every morning drives them out to mangalore airport.(15 minutes from seymour).i havent been local 4 a long time BUT
    didnt know tiny mangalore airport still operated, let alone tought group chinese fly directly over town ?? Weird! Anyway… who better to keep a secret but the chinese ? and who dumber than australian public to fool

  4. bonpsy1

    yep every where over victoria north of melbourne. planes flying over seymour vic every day now for months.some have been brainwashed to thinking its attack of the killer locusts, other dickheads said it land survays for terrorist camp(building of refugee housing puckapunyal army base) but one thing that i found? out thats true is……..

  5. 441rider

    Peter Garrett should be ashamed of? himself not speaking out on this every week until it is ended. What a friggin gutless wanker, shame such a great “act” he had going in fooled a lot of kids.

  6. tilbis1

    Hey haven’t seen one of your vids in ages, I thought I was already subbed! Damn!
    I’m subbed now,? great vid!

  7. dbootsthediva

    At 1:31? into video, that chemtrail looks like a long drawn out stencil or some form of bar code Very odd geometrical shapes taking form in those chemical mixtures at 2:45 n 2:51
    Excellent footage of the global spraying in your country Appreciate you uploading this

  8. 2wheels88

    The Aussie Govt run program is called Doe Arm direct,indirect,semi direct aerosol scattering program.Look it up! They are trying to heat the planet to pull off there global warming scam! although they don’t admit it.Watch videos of people getting morgellons disease.Say no to Coppenhagen treaty and no to the new world order.Peace? all

  9. khandieyea

    we have got them here in New Zealand also….Iam sure they are coming from Aussy… any? one seen anything.

  10. imRatedXbiatch

    they are really hitting canada hard now too


    stop Chemtrails NOW!

  11. mts00007

    I’v been looking for a VIDEO like this for a long time.CHEM SPRAYING over Australia. This country i love but i hate oour? GOVERMANT!!!!!!.doing this shit to us. FUCKING NAZI’S

  12. 2wheels88

    I Live not to far from an airforce base in port stephens and they spray here regularly.They usually pick low wind days to spray and it usually causes rain so i looked up if the government were doing any weather modification and I found this google Doe Arm direct indirect semi direct spraying and have a read it explain some of it but not the possible malevolant side of things.Still I don’t like them fucking with the weather it’s rained more days here than? ever i can remember!!!

  13. 2012forlove

    Yes, cannot agree more. If they are concerned for the people, then they would warn? us at least. Wondering about the crops etc. I think we are kinda poisoned through and through. Even organics, how could they be now if the sky is toxic ???

    I saw a trail which did not go away after an hour or so. I did not know about chemtrail then . I have to look for the photos and recently find lots of webs on my lawn which is bluish in colour with some white stuff in them. Definitely chemicals.

  14. WellSightedGentleman

    if? their mission was benevolent, im certain they’d disclose and bask themselves in the glory of their global alturism- but that isnt the case now, is it.

  15. WellSightedGentleman

    …and damn the so-called debunking arsholes too: this is a fair dinkum phenomena. not a theory, use your sense.
    Particles are in the air where they shouldnt be, you can see it in my vids, scalar rings… explain that?
    there are no regular paths 4 chemplanes in my area.
    they just fly in from afar disperse for a? day and fly away. They dont come back on any regular shedule.
    the evidence is right in front of you, but youre looking for a different type of evidence, clearly.

  16. WellSightedGentleman

    awesome vid!
    I see this situation is like this,

    this isnt europe and it isnt the USA,
    theyve been doing this up there so regularly that the perpetrators of this dont see that this isnt common place here, we dont have constant sky streaking chemtrails all over the? country on a regular basis like they do.

    This is very obvious to us in Australia, we have some of the clearest most awesome open blue skies in the world

    they can goto hell for smudging up our perfect sky

  17. jbreezes

    I’ve seen one of those planes with the red on it fly so low it was just a few feet above roof level and it circled several times. We were also getting heavy spraying that day too from higher flying jets. I had to go out within 15 minutes after this plane few only a couple to a few feet over roof level and ended up with a sore throat and burning chest for the rest of? that day.

  18. verucabilderberg

    Can someone explain? to me why most of these are not just contrails of multiple aircraft traversing normal flightpaths? Most evidence seems to be in the ones that suddenly stop. But they can explain away sudden stop trails, if the planes are on descent and approximately at the same point suddenly lowering their engine outputs. Real evidence should somehow include abberations in dispersal of the trail (temporal info) and sudden stops of trail without clear reason (flight path info).


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