!NEW!v2. A big thanks to my sky watchers, you know who you are, they too have tasted the metalic chem air of death! dry throat soreness and a short cough from out of now where, or upper respitory problems which one is suffering badly! on two occasions speaking to strangers I meet up on the hill they both said they have new problems with there lungs and energy is very low, I contracted Fibromyalgia syndrome in 2002 soon after seeing chemtrails over the Level in Brighton like a huge Union Jack flag, walking and moving about takes soo much energy but with a near vegan diet and lots of supplements and a terminator zapper I am fighting back! Trying the New Silver Solution which I tried on my friends ill mum and she only had 2 teaspoons over 2 days and I gave her odourless garlic and she eats very well and supplements and is fighting off the dreaded cold she had for over 3 weeks! Praise be!! heh those truther girls are having an effect on me haha, I bought a Calloidal Silver Parts Per Million tester for £20 delivered and it arrived form the USA very quick, through Ebay its a Hanna. On the night of the 23rd 23.46 I heard a very wierd fly past, it was very late and made a deep low werring sound that travelled slowly overhead,I couldnt see anything,it was not a car,what made this fly past very strange was the fact it was not a commercial jet or a small light aircraft like I am used to seeing or a microlite or helicopter,it sounded like a remote drone,humming craft.Well to further

25 thoughts on “AIR POLLUTION IS KILLING HUNDREDS !v2! 23-05-2009

  1. brightonchemtrails

    07:16 WATCH IN HD Read all of the The Patents! every last bit of text.
    they now can lesson the effectivness of the ultraViolet rays which is what kills off harmful bacteria,this crazy idea lets it thrive! so new strains of virus can be more effective in curtain areas? All I know is when it rains all this crap falls into the soil and messes up Vegatables, Bees, Birds and Us. The cattle eat the grass humans eat the animal, well i’m almost vegan again due to all the crud in the food chain.

  2. UkTruthSeeker2009

    KNOCK at No10 and pass him your video if I lived near London or if I got the chance I WOULD ask Gordon Brown to explain why we are being experimented on AGAIN

  3. UkTruthSeeker2009


  4. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Owning the weather by 2025 is the target HAVE WE GOT TO PUT UP WITH THIS CRAP FROM NOW ON??? Govenments your adding to the problems of this earth there is no climate change and if there is you lot caused it with your haarp/chemtrail STOP SPRAYING US LIKE BUGS YOU HAVE NOT HAD OUR PERMISSION*********************

  5. UkTruthSeeker2009

    BIRMINGHAM allso very heavy chemmed and has been for ages the sky is white all over if the sun breaks through they are even behind the smog.We have to STOP this by WORKING TOGETHER EXPOSE TO EVERYONE.

  6. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Exactly the same in Birmingham They are massive then they stay put whilst some of the other trails white out the sky but if the sun breaks through the massive trails stay put behind them. When ever this happends its hard to breathe.We have to work together to get this stopped UK. AND THEY ARE CHEMTRAILS THEY HAVE BEEN HAPPENING FOR AGES.

  7. brightonchemtrails

    Sorry for the late reply Chompy , many pilots are simply unaware that these chemicals are already added to the fuel and masked as “safer eco fuels” “hence the chemtrails” some pilots have indeed been effected by them,some get wise and some have found GPS units rigged to timers that release the trails over certain areas and only the very experienced pilots notice them and when they find out whats happening they are told its eco fuel or they say nothing so they can keep paying the morgage.

  8. verummossolvovos

    Visit the website (below) and check out the posted topic:
    The “SIC” (scientifically induced causes) business?
    Just replace the word dot, after party, and between net, with a dot (period) full stop.
    Its a You Tube thang, that wont allow the actual web address to be posted???

  9. chompy410

    So, someone tell me who and why would they do this. Wouldn’t they be harming themselves.?

    Im not really buying the idea that commercial pilots are going along with pressing the deadly chemical button, they would have to be absolute nutters void of any morals. Can you imagine the lawsuits agains airlines if proof came out.

  10. seekYEthetruth

    ahh! thanks for the info.. i thought there was something odd about that 1tuffcooky… That ridiculous attempt at a debunking video. Pathetic. We had a big meeting last night up here.. and we’re about to step it up. Its mid may and it feels and looks like october. Thanks for the Agent US heads up. Good work

  11. brightonchemtrails

    Yes we need a London Chemtrials channel, no problem with the contact, I hope your boy gets well soon, sending all my healing vibes to your boy. when he gets out of hospital give him supplements:-Odourless Garlic caps, 1/2 teaspoon silversolution,also try pure fruit smoothies (like the innocent detox ones), steamed organic veg, all that good stuff i’m sure your onit 😉 google indoor vegetable growing, its chemtrail free! im doing mine slowly will update soon with pics..

  12. brightonchemtrails

    Take hi-quality still images, and private message me for my email , get on the case! and thank you!

  13. Lindasufos

    Sprayed London all day yesterday. Metalic taste in the air. Felt like I had eaten a battery YUK. Today overcast white sky, so predictive. Thank you for putting this video on YT. 5 Stars and faved.

  14. seekYEthetruth

    People are getting sick here in london.. its mid may and my 5 year old son has developed pneumonia.. hospitalised.
    I know of other children that have terrible chest infections.. MID MAY.. None of the doctors in the hospital have mentioned swine flu.. They KNOW it’s the aerial spraying. Im sure they are working under a directive.
    Dont talk about the clouds. It makes me want to go to war.. but we all know that LOVE is the answer. Spread the word, Save Our Skies. Stop Aerial Spraying.

  15. seekYEthetruth

    Bruv, you’re doing a superb job down there, we are getting a squad together up here. Stop Aerial Spraying. We WILL be down to link you this year. No doubt about it. I’ll PM you some details. its all about hard hitting flyers and local councillors. I despise all politicians. But they must be made to tell what they know. great video man, please keep it all going. talk soon. Blessed be.

  16. 91177info

    Stars15k IS A SHILL!
    They spray first at high attitude to create the covering. This blocks out enough of the UV light. They then spray at a lower attitude with the biological agent. I have researched Agent US which causes brucellosis. This has the same symptoms as the flu. Stars15k has two accounts the other is 1tuffcooky.
    Short bursts here all the time.


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