Air Race – 747 vs. 777 – in HD with Telescope :)

Air Race Over My House :) Transero Boeing 777-200 EI-UNR FL380 vs. Air China Boeing 747-400F B-2476 FL360 on UM984 Route

23 thoughts on “Air Race – 747 vs. 777 – in HD with Telescope :)

  1. l2e4LiZtiCaLLy

    Fake – the aircraft are almost touching, whereas a thousand foot separation is the “minimum” for most commercial aviation. Also, the 209 foot 777 should appear a “lot” smaller than the? 231 foot 747, especially being above and further away from the camera.

  2. Imcraez

    I appologize but I feel the need to correct you. Danger Close is a term used in the military to describe the minimum safe distance from an impact point for ordinance.? If you are danger close you are within that minimum safe distance.

  3. Tomteeejay

    No problem. Thanks? for the reply. Yes they are close, but not danger close. You will see the same at certain airports when the runways are parallel to each other.
    Images taken at certain angles of two aircraft on approach will appear to be ‘danger close’. It is simply lens foreshortening and perspective coming into play.

  4. spellground

    so what your saying is its a optical illusion ? ..they just appear to look like? they are flying close together

    thanks for the link

  5. Tomteeejay

    Here some other footage. Now what do you think it would look like it if was filmed with a high power telephoto lens or telescope. Think perspective and the foreshortening effect and you have your answer.


    A380? & A340 ( Air Race )

  6. Tomteeejay

    Stop with the non-sense of fake planes. You are looking at a thing called perspective. The aircraft are legally separated by Air Traffic Control regulations. Watch the following video and understand what they would look like from the ground filmed with a camera fitted with a powerful lens?



  7. Thepylot78

    That’s right. I reserve the right to post then? remove a comment if I decided I didn’t like the wording or had a typo. :-)

  8. Thepylot78

    That’s right, laugh like a child when you can’t refute my argument. Can you back up your assertions with facts? The contrailscience site (google it, can’t post the link) DESTROYS every “chemtrail” assertion. People need to educate themselves. You, sir, made me laugh.? Have a good? day.

  9. Thepylot78

    These commercial planes may look closer than that but at those heights it is impossible to gauge with the naked eye how close they are. They may even be farther apart than 1000′ for all you? know.

  10. spellground

    Fake planes? ! seriously do you think if they were real 747’s and 777’s they would be allowed to fly so close to each other ??? C’mon peoples please WAKE UP !

  11. Harold Saive

    Also…the close proximity of these aircraft is not an approved maneuver and is a violation of aviation rules. Minimum seperation for REAL commercial aircraft is 1,000 feet minimum. These appear to be? only a few hundred feet at most.

  12. bartusekspotter

    Look This (copy the link) The transaero’s 777-200’s have RR’s & PW’s engines no GE90
    (click in serial number and read the? table “all planes”) /777eng

  13. Tahititoutou

    I cannot put url links in a Youtube comment. However, go on Google, type GE 90, and open the Wikipedia page called General Electric GE90.
    If you go on the 777 page, you can see that various versions of the 777 use PW40777, 4090 and 4098 ; RR 877, 892 and 895, and variants of the GE90.
    If you go to the site of? Transaero ( you cans see they mention their 777s have GE90 engines.


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