23 thoughts on “Airplane Mechanic Discovers Chemtrail Equipment

  1. Jazzaconda

    Different Altitudes, By Law, 1000ft vertical seperation is min allowed. (unless by ATC) Depending on where? you were viewing them from, on the gound. They probably/could have been miles apart horizontally and vertically!

  2. MandoMohan

    Just wondering why two large passenger jets would? be flying so close to one another for such a long time, without one or the other taking some precautionary evasive action?

  3. danielvincentkelley

    The banksters wrote into existence by their derivatives scams $1.2 QUADRILLION dollars of imaginary cash that can? be routed and traded digitally. That’s this many $1,200,000,000,000,000. They can make 1.2 billion people millionaires. Most people sell their soul a lot cheaper. Sept 10th 2001 Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon lost $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. These things are accomplished first by bribe, then by blackmail, then by threat of death that will be reported by propaganda whores as suicide.

  4. Jazzaconda

    Mate, that exactly what you will get if you research Chemtrails. What I mean is have you researched Chemtrails? i.e research the main fact that seperates Contrails from Chemtrails. You talk about these pumps and tanks on a plane that a engineer found. Man, you just can put staff (snakes) on a plane. Before that thing move 40+ people have looked at it, Pilots included. Pilots look at everything, everywhere, on that aircraft.? If something was there, alot of people would know. A lot. Good luck

  5. danielvincentkelley

    Where I say Latin here,? I mean the culture of distant past, not the language. How many ancient Latin Spire’s? remain standing today?

  6. danielvincentkelley

    Anyhow, if we take these Latin root? words, Con and Spira and we put them together to form the latin based word conspiracy, then exactly what I said before, is exactly correct.

  7. danielvincentkelley

    You would say, it looks just like a bean stalk, but it’s a building. And the old norse country bumpkin you’re talking to would be like “Dang, how do they get up in that thing?” And you’d be like, I don’t know, I? never saw the inside of 1. Those Latin people were too uppity to let get a peak in their fancy homes.

  8. danielvincentkelley

    But where conspiracy has a latin root, so does the word CON & so does the word spire, sp?ra, which in Latin means spiral. This as the Latin’s were uppity, so they actually saw what was on the inside of the? spire’s, spiral stair cases. Where as in old norse, the vast majority never even saw a spire, much less the inside of 1, thus the word Spire in norse means stalk, like a bean stalk. Imagine you’re taking to some old norse country bumpkin about architecture of France & want to describe a spire

  9. danielvincentkelley

    But all this ignores that Latin has roots, but they’re so far lost, many thousands of years extinct languages that contributed to the formation of Latin, that even the latin root of the word, is not the true origin. The translation from latin to english being conspirationem to cooperation, these words having distinctly different meaning and different roots, it’s an expression that these words did not derive from the same words and it would seem the? most ancient root of conspire is certainly lost

  10. danielvincentkelley

    But in reality, it is a definitely negative term. Nothing good comes of conspiracy. The? Conspirators rot in hell, and destroy the lives of those who suffer their crimes. You could affirm this notion I’m espousing here, by reading ancient latin texts that describe the conspirationem of the day. I’m quite certain you’ll find that they NEVER used the word to describe any beneficent cooperation, and it was strictly used to refer to evil the likes of murderous skullduggery in collaboration.

  11. danielvincentkelley

    Thus, the translator, lacking any other word to express this concept in 1 word, gives the only term which means it approximately, but without, lacking only? certified negativity. And that’s where I believe this misunderstanding of the word arose. Is that it’s a quality of the word that got lost in translation, so those who read the translations of this word in books and heard it in sayings translated from it’s latin root, were fooled by the meaning being so neutral, as merely “cooperation”.

  12. danielvincentkelley

    Dictionary dott com gives the earliest word origin as latin, conspirationem. Google translator translates this root to mean precisely cooperation. I doubt? that translation, which ignore the negative connotation. How else might a person express in just 1 word, a negative unlawful, secret sadistic plan amongst numerous parties to a crime?

  13. danielvincentkelley

    World English dictionary gives no meaning for conspiracy that can be in? any way considered beneficent.
    1. a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, esp with political motivation; plot
    2. the act of making such plans in secret

  14. danielvincentkelley

    I think the relationship between spire and breath probably has something to do with a spire being where a wealthy person would go, in a city with fetid? gutters, to have a breath of fresh air. Con? You’re saying conspiracy is a word derived from Spanish? Not likely.

  15. d3ejmz

    that story you just wrote, while very entertaining, has zero etymological weight behind it. The con in conspiracy means ‘with’. As in ‘condom’ – ‘with sex’. The ‘spire’ is from spiritus, meaning ‘breath’. When two or more ‘breathe together’, to plan something, you have your conspiracy. I think I like your definition better, but it’s? just not factual.

  16. danielvincentkelley

    Actually, there is a negative connotation to the word CONspiracy. A spire is a tall tower, before steel they’d have been inherently unstable. A CON, opposite of PRO, is? a negative, by definition. So a CON-Spiracy, is a construction of poorly designed lofty height from which to fall that is unquestionably negative, a “con”. Conspiracy. Participating in a CONspiracy is a setup to a CONviction, that then the CONspirators become CONvicts.

  17. d3ejmz

    Hey, I’m not the? one with a vocab problem. I didn’t mean to point it out. I thought you would appreciate being shown the difference between the word “conspiracy” and “crackpot theory”. I guess I was wrong.


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