Al Gore Publicly Admits To Chemtrails Aerosol Spraying Projects On Ellen TV Show

Former vice president Al Gore appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ NBC daytime talk show and admitted that scientists have “proposed” programs intended to “figure ou…

24 thoughts on “Al Gore Publicly Admits To Chemtrails Aerosol Spraying Projects On Ellen TV Show

  1. geardogg

    Moron. Have you never flown a plane? Never sent a package by air? You see trails every day because there are planes in the? sky every day. What the fuck.

  2. Terry Ram

    So the hundreds of trillions of tonnes of pollution we have pumped into the atmosphere has not had an effect? but according to you self ‘educated’ experts on the weather, a contrail 5 miles above your head is going to cause all kinds of destruction? You dont even realise that the “scientists’ claiming gw is false are owned by the oil companies, the very people you guys love to hate.they dont want? the tech released that would free us from our reliance on fossil fuels.dumb ass

  3. Jenna Pixton

    Use the Internet…. Ha Ha Ha that is? just a revolving circle of no information filled with lies. Then they can find out exactly who is putting their noses where it just doesn’t belong. :

  4. Kim Goodwin

    It? isn’t blue now because it has been going on for years. Now Bill Gates wants to spray us with sulfur acid as his knew way to kill us off quicker.

  5. Ben Nichols

    Climate change is driven by solar activity not c02, c02 is a byproduct of gobal warming, and peaks in natural c02 are a precursor to? cooling. Not warming. Lemmings, pay your “carbon taxes” and keep making this crook richer off your ignorance.

  6. Thomas Hall

    HAHA!! All you Liberal Sheep fell for Al’s lies. He made 100’s of millions of dollars? off of your “Carbon Foot Print.”

    Anyone who would think that Al, the Liberal Lunatic, would know more about “Global Warming” than actual Scientists, are IDIOTS! (No such thing as global warming, by the way)

    Now that “Real Scientists” have real evidence stating that the climate is actually cooling, all you Liberal Idiots are now calling it “Climate Change.”

    Liberal Fools!!

  7. Ratliro2

    considering the world is now over 7 billion people I would have to the plan failed to depopulate. Really dude you? need to stop being scared of the clouds int eh sky and worry about the real issues in the world. This chemital thing is just a distraction from real issues.

  8. Ratliro2

    and you think you have a filter that can remove nano particles. That is funny. By the way? if it was in the air and water and dirt like you claim then nothing and I mean nothing you suggest would mean a thing. While I do think fresh food is a good idea honestly unless you are growing it yourself you just don’t know what is in it. And a green house would not protect you from something in the air unless it was a completely sealed system with an air lock.

  9. Ratliro2

    I think one of them even claimed it was a joke they would tell each other and someone over heard them and thought they meant it. But that could be just a? rumor or someone back pedaling after everyone said it was a dumb idea.

  10. James McCarty

    I’m sorry but your grammar is very poor! You are missing a lot of ‘t. You don’t know when to use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence! KINDA is not even a real word but is expected from people who like to use fuck, fucked, and fucking in one paragraph! As for not doing “something about the blatantly obvious things like how our government IS KILLING? PEOPLE” I can’t wait to hear what you have been doing about it!

  11. AutoTechTeacher

    You are right.? its in the food, the water and the air. We are letting them. The FDA is not on our side. They are bought and paid for by mega corporations and mega pharma. Dont eat processed food, filter your water, support only non gmo growers and organic only. keep in mind though, what is in the air is nano particulates it is in everything, your lungs, skin, even in your own dirt, your own collected water, in your organic veggies and fruit. Use a green house, compost, filter water & TELL ALL!

  12. Terry Ram

    The only ‘scientists” discrediting GW are the ones being paid by the oil companies to do so…and who owns the? oil companies? Your beloved “elite” and “NWO”…All you have done is fall for the propaganda to ensure you keep living the way you do consuming the way you do and not rising up to demand the tech that could free us from our reliance on fossil fuels is used. You are the true sheep here!

  13. Terry Ram

    so every person interested in meteorology and atmospheric research both professional and amateur is in on this? everyone in the world? every pilot too? Everyone involved in aircraft maintenance or aviation in general, even people who do it as a hobby? Even the ones in China, Russia, Pakistan etc, they are all keeping quiet and not exposing da troof? it is one thing to say something is possible, it is an entirely different matter to implement it. LEARN? THIS!

  14. Terry Ram

    Hang on aren’t you guys the first to say dont trust what the media tells us, now you are linking a report from FOX news? FOX! You have to be fucking kidding me? stupid paranoid drug fucked psychos. No? one is out to get you, why dont you actually do something about the blatantly obvious things like how our government IS KILLING PEOPLE. You know kinda how we invaded a country to rape them of their oil? NO? doesnt affect you so you dont care? Get off the fucking meth!

  15. Terry Ram

    OK so you are saying they are infact injecting? particulates into the UPPER stratosphere using commercial airliners? Maybe check the height commercial airliners fly at and get back to me.

  16. AutoTechTeacher




    FAMILY, THIS IS THE PLAN TO DEPOPULATE, STARVE(plants need sun), DEHYDRATE(everything needs rain),

    DEPRESS(all living things need vitamins from the sun to function properly), TO CONTROL(they want you medicated,

    working, stressed out, sick, weak, watching comcast, and fighting to divide & conquer!!

  17. AutoTechTeacher

    your a fool. watch and listen again. yes he trying to pitch that idea but he is a bold face liar. global geo-engineering, weather modification has been going on before you were born. why do you think their are patents and companies that provide the service. Gore knows whats going on yet he keeps saying “thinking about doing it” “bad idea” its happening everyday. has he mentioned that? That China does it? too? The government does it, Bill Gates does it, WHY? These assfuks are causing this epidemic

  18. AutoTechTeacher

    You are incorrect. It has been happening since before you were born. Look up? the patents on google. Look up why Bill Gates has invested millions and millions of dollars. This goes way beyond weather or improved radar possibilities. Look up harrp. Look up the patents. There is no independent science, they all either work for the establishment or are terrified to expose the truth. do your research.


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