Many thanks to Alan Watt for including the link to the chemtrail rally video & mentioning it on air. VIDEO HE LINKED ON HIS SITE:…

9 thoughts on “ALAN WATT CHEMTRAIL RALLY ENGLAND 9th July 2011

  1. FreeTruthShow

    @MaverickingLady yes. i agree with you that concentrating on chemtrails
    should be a priority for most people, although all deceptions must be
    exposed. The cumulative effect of many truths coming to light is good for
    humanity. The main reason i have concentrated largely on chemtrails is as
    you say, i believe everything else will fall into place once everyone is in
    no doubt of the immensity of this crime. Furthermore you’re actually the
    first person in years to make this point. i commend you

  2. MaverickingLady

    Don’t understand why this isn’t priority since it is claiming and
    destroying far more lives than any other single assault! Seems that if this
    were to be exposed, everything else would fall into place.

  3. apocalypsynch

    “He is right about government & police not being allowed to discuss
    chemtrails though the public will be informed at this event.” Last night I
    heard Mr. Watt talking about that. Can you please tell me specifics? Thanks
    and a thumbs-up. Cheers.

  4. ImAwakeRyou

    Awesome! Was a pleasure talking with you on the Bo and Rose show yesterday.
    Nice to see this event being promoted by so many. Keep up the excellent
    work my friend : )


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