Alan Watt on Geoengineering and Chemtrails – “you’re being poisoned folks!”

Dead Links Alan Watt US Patents March 1, 1927 Patent #1619183 Process of Producing Smoke Clouds from Moving Aircraft June 30, 1936 Patent# 2045865 for Skywriting Apparatus April 8, 1952 Patent# 2591988 Process for producing improved tio2 titanium pigments April 8, 1969 Patent# 3437502 “Pont DU” forTITANIUM DIOXIDE PIGMENT COATED WITH SILICA AND ALUMINA September 29, 1970 Patent# 3531310 PRODUCTION OF IMPROVED METAL OXIDE PIGMENT other patents February 1924 Patent# R15771 by Savage March 1966 Patent# 1022621 in United Kingdom Documentary What In The World Are They Spraying, by G Edward Griffin and Michael Murphy Methods Used Atmospheric Science Program HAARP online data Wikipedia Geo-engineering proposed methods UCAR Magazine Article Media Articles International Symposium in Ghent, Belgium on Global Aerosol Spraying Congressional Research Service- on geoengineering NASA Rockets to Create Clouds Geo-engineering Conference Now Public Weather Modification Science Daily Artical announcing aerosol particulate matter studies and testing Moratorium RUETERS: UN urged to freeze climate geo

25 thoughts on “Alan Watt on Geoengineering and Chemtrails – “you’re being poisoned folks!”

  1. dan32749

    @leaualorin Don’t matter ain’t nobody going to do shit about people have been turned into mush the men are being dumbed down and feminized there is no chance for us the nwo will kill? us and we will just watch them do it sad but true :(

  2. silkenjay

    @mrbrianmccarthy wow dude you are hapless and clueless, you need to open your ignorant eyes and ears and get your head out of your ass, and or your shitty little apartment and get outside and see for your self and? i hope you die first, fucking idiot.

  3. MrGreatLakesBuffalo

    chemtrails have the purpose of preventing rain, creating droughts and also to spread crop fungus. google ug99. In short…it’s population control. Africa is their main target and test bed. Yet this stuff is being sprayed globally. Anyone who calls you a kook are watching too much TV. I’m 45. These lines were NEVER in the sky when I was a kid. My wife says the same. Food up, ammo up. The world will go nutz in the next 10 years. No? food = riots. Just look at the arab spring/africa.

  4. slowlybutfasholy

    @797ization FUCK OFF!!! I AM NOT SPRAYING ME WITH CHEMICALS SO STOP? ALL THAT BULLSHIT I DONT CARE WHO TOLD YOU TO THINK LIKE THAT!!!!(refer to the comment above yours)……………………………….asshole.

  5. slowlybutfasholy

    people are “extremely stupid and ignorant” because we are being poisoned by the traitors from water out of the tap to the television to th chemtrails in the? sky…may try to focus your anger on the tyrants instead of the victims eh?…..


    Alan, your so right I just wish these people would wake up. Guys I thought this was shit too at first…. Now I don’t !. There is a sinister side to Geoengineering…. Stop your fighting, stop your dis-information and stop sticking your head in the sand…. This is Real ! Check my Videos on my channel and? all the government links in my show more box…. Stop being ignorant and study for yourselves You should be thanking this guy not condemning him. Thanks Alan for telling us the truth. :-/

  7. mrbrianmccarthy

    @dan32749 Wow,you’re truly an idiot!! LOL BTW dumbass,I dont go to church,and I’m self employed.Apparently,you speculate on people you dont even know the same way you speculate on chemtrails.You need to learn to use your brain and use logic and try observing the sky and? the effect these chemtrails have on it before you go on youtube and make an ass out of yourself.
    You are the ignorant one —not me.

  8. dan32749

    @Freedomquest08 Ya no? shit im glad im awake i can’t believe the power of the lighted box your right on bro keep up the good fight.

  9. dan32749

    @mrbrianmccarthy Baaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaa don’t worry they will take care of everything just keep on with your ignorance in fact better get to church on sunday and work on? monday you got mass murder to pay for dumb fuck…….

  10. dan32749

    Alan you are the man thank’s for all your research keep up the great? work i will tell everyone i know and meet about the nwo long live freedom power to the people!!

  11. Freedomquest08

    Thanks for posting this and all the links. Reading through the posts, I don’t understand how people don’t notice the contrails aren’t contrails anymore, and that they turn into these shitty clouds that last for hours. Amazing what human conditioning sitting in front of a TV all day can do to those who don’t? even notice this going on all around them..

  12. lion8heart

    good job @leaualorin! I got tired arguing with brain dead morons that? can not see the truth,totally support you brother!!!!

  13. mrbrianmccarthy

    The fact is,they probably HAVE to do this spraying now.The fact that the particulate matter is floating down to the ground and polluting our water and soil(Not to mention our air)is probably just part of the cost of having to use metals lke aluminum.They’re using metals because metals reflect sunlight.They’re using Aluminum because its lighter and has a high “refractory index”. We have a serious problem.We are burning more CO2 than the earth? can absorb. Global warming is a reality.

  14. djlazlow1

    @newglobalfrontier Good job promoting that video with 2 seconds of a long cloud? of smoke that who knows what left it.


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