Alex Jones Calling All Activist to Send “Chemtrail Clips” for New Documentary Film

25 thoughts on “Alex Jones Calling All Activist to Send “Chemtrail Clips” for New Documentary Film

  1. lilshook1

    @g0sth4ck3d …Contrails VS Chemtrails 1/3
    October 13, 2010, 10:53 AM
    southern ontario canada…inside the “GOLDEN HORSESHOE” : pics and video in high civilian pop. areas: Lake Ontario, hamilton, burlington, oakville, pickering, missisauga, toronto, scarborough, kingston. oshawa, ottawa — and all small towns between.
    Drifting through open skies like clouds, these constant contrails conclude, convince and condition masses of unaware loyal tax payers of all ages.

  2. lilshook1

    Chemtrails?…..Where? Greatest footage in Canada 3/3

    November 03, 2010, 11:20 AM

    It was a beautiful clear morning sky that turned into a wonderful day of art for several dedicated pilots who continue their fantastic work in the Canadian skies above.
    Chemtrails? where?
    All i see are contrails that last longer than historical record. I’ve waited so long for the day contrails would last at least 3hours not evaporating

  3. kensei85

    You gotta Google:
    “Millions were in germ war tests”
    The top link is from the Guardian (major UK newspaper):
    “The MoD turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public…Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals…over vast swaths of the population without the public being told… Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said: ‘It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.'”

  4. g0sth4ck3d

    Hey there, I am up on Ottawa Canada, and have been noticing this going on here for quite a few years. I’ve always thought some of these trails were odd, glad I am not alone. I do have some photos and trying to get some footage. I am also trying to dig up old photographs that show this as well.

    You got me inspired to do something about this, I plan to get some stuff done and present it to my friends as well.

    Good luck Alex, can’t wait to see the final product.

  5. dac8555

    @ozvander- um No. This conspriacy shit has gone to far. 33% of the bee population has dids of becuse of an odd combination of a virus and a fungus which independently don’t do much harm, but together are deadly to bees. We know this now and are working to crorrect this. Crazy much?

  6. despinapjr

    The Oil companies are trying their best to stop free energy ideas from spreading to common ppl.
    We need to put an end to this corruption ,start generating your own electricity now.
    Visit LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints . Join the Revolution!!

  7. geostigma123

    Is there any way at all to send material via E-mail? It’s kinda expensive to send stuff out of Norway … lots of extra payment and toll stuff… (this IS the last soviet state indeed).

  8. PatsyMeBye

    Neat…two serious documentaries are coming out around the same time. Just don’t understand why this wasn’t seriously looked into before the massive damage was done? Let’s see if the interglacial period & the global warming theory is mentioned? lol

  9. chicofrijoles

    Alex, I’m sending you stuff this week!! Thank you for your excellent and dedicated work. Next film: exposing Flouride – we need a film to show our communities.

  10. dallimamma

    Alex, I have watched the counter on your video this week, and it still holds at 17,000??? Often, posting is cancelled.

  11. MarkB1ngham

    I saw one of those dark trails that cut through cloud formations, I could hardly believe my eyes, it was spooky! The dark trail formed then the aircraft or whatever followed through leaving a regular trail as if being guided by the dark trail, I’ve seen these on youtube but wondered if they were faked by mischievous types. This was June 27 2010 over whetstone north london. Keep up the good work Alex, why not research these 911 OCTistas spamming the net?

  12. Omnipotentx01

    Alex Jones you truly are an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing friend, we’re right here behind you. The Truth Will Set Us Free!

  13. HumanityWins


    can i email the link to the video, so i dont have to visit the annoyingly slow post office filled with old people? 😛

  14. almanulinux

    Hi Alex. Let me just contribute with this: chemtrails seem to have started to appear in the skies around 1998. Please read the article “Global Warming And Ice Ages: Prospects For Physics-Based Modulation Of Global Change”, form Edward Teller et al, and find out who was Edward Teller. You may reach the ful PDF text by simply googling “ACC0229.pdf”. Cheers, and good luck!

  15. arlobrubaker

    I hope he includes information on the gelatinous substance that rained on Oakville Washington on August 7, 1994. It came down in torrents, blanketing 20 square miles and caused people to come down with a really bad flu.

  16. sovereignpatriotusa


    I thought it was more confirmed, that it was the prevalent use of cell phones / cell towers that were disrupting the bees electromagnetic navigational abilities, hence the bees could not find their way back to the colony?

    Colony Collapse Disorder shows that bees do not return to the hive, not that they die off once they get back to the hive.

  17. johnh23

    @enakidu Multiple orbs cluster together forming the Hologram. U can never see what is actually releasing the content matter. Are we being poisoned ?


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