Alex Jones – Chemtrail Spraying is Real & Documented High levels of air pollution have been shown to do the most harm to the very young and the very old. So babies and the elderly suffer the most from these global spraying crimes. In fact, these two age groups have been targeted throughout history when governments wanted to reduce the population. These global chemtrail programs appear to be for weather modification, food and water consolidation and population reduction. So start pointing out these spray planes and their deadly trails to your friends, neighbors and loved ones right now!

25 thoughts on “Alex Jones – Chemtrail Spraying is Real & Documented

  1. LiquidMetalBand

    Alex Jones has no idea what documentation is.

    See my YouTube channel for real documentation of more than 50 of Alex Jones’ worst lies and fake predictions.

  2. faerydhhlo

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  3. spacehopperballs

    @kobasica its his job to be the nutty gatekeeper and make sure 9-11 truth etc does not go mainstream or become a political movement – hes a pied piper who will never do anything that matters leading you into the river while making ordinary people think truthers etc are nutters like him – his controllers know he is never gonna do fuck all and will always undermine himself – icke is even worse

  4. kobasica

    @spacehopperballs what makes you think hes working for the government? i wouldve thought everything alex jones sais is counterproductive to government policy, correct me if im wrong.

  5. Skywitness

    Chemtrails are definitely being sprayed in the atmosphere:

    “Chemtrails On/Off Spraying….Diamond Valley, Ca. 7/18/10”


  6. despinapjr

    Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies are doing everything they can to stop these

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  7. Iamawake100

    You know I understand why Alex gets so upset. Sometimes I want to go up to people and just shake them and tell them to WAKE UP…

  8. piggypolice

    @brown55061 If you were designing an aircraft for spraying purposes why on earth would you put nozzles on top of the wing? The infamous KC-10 video shows aerodynamic contrails coming off the leading edge of the wings, the so called ”nozzles” are covers for the flap mechanisms.

  9. brown55061


    Explain the nozzles on TOP of the wings. The KC-10 and DC-30 schematics do not show them, yet that plane had them. Congress chemtrails are real but you say not. It’s impossible for the byproducts of jet fuel to remain suspended for 5 hours straight, yet it happens daily as I watch the local airforce jets lay 5 mile grids. I love how illogical your position is, as you call me a conspiracy theorist. If I am wrong, Congress was all wrong as well. FAIL AGAIN!

  10. piggypolice

    @brown55061 The KC-10 video which everyone keeps uploading is a spoof, just USAF aircrew making fun of ”chemtrailers”. Grids, as you call them, are flight paths, different aircraft following the sames routes. Contrails can persist for hours, it was ”chemtrailers” who invented the idea that chemtrails last and contrails don’t, pure nonsense with no scientific proof whatsoever.

  11. brown55061

    H.R. 2977 was introduced by Kucinich and specifically mentions “chemtrails” as a weapon, yet you say it doesn’t exist. Google “chemtrails KC-10 sprayer air to air”. That’s all the proof you need. I live near a military base that sprays grids twice a week over a handful of towns. This same base also aids in dispersant spraying over the gulf, admittedly. It is true contrails appear at different altitudes however the science of this matter would prove the vapor does not remain 3 hours later. FAIL!

  12. piggypolice

    @brown55061 Contrails appear to switch on and off due to uneven layers of temperature and humidity. I know conspiracy theorists don’t like scientific facts but there you go.

  13. SirSmokeify

    Theyve been doing it since ’96. Its been 14 years. And we’re yet to see any fallout from chemtrails. Hoax? I applaud Alex Jones tho. I think he’s onto SOMETHING. It may be awhile before any of us SEE it, but he may be the one whose onto it. And If you believe chemtrails, do yourself a favor and DONT attack people who have different opinions by calling them morons or blind. You dont win converts that way. Debate and attempt to convince. Dont u want to have people join you instead of fight you?

  14. brown55061


    Alex Jones may be a ring leader of wackos but your comments are a huge FAIL! I’ve personally watched planes turn it on and off as they fly overhead while maintaining high altitude. The original HR 2977 even included “chemtrails” as a space weapon, but was removed later. I don’t know why they spray but they do! Here’s proof know-it-all: watch?v=bSSWnXQsgOU

  15. rdecredico

    @rdecredico Alex wants to sell books and build his little empire. Do your own backyard experiements on atmospheric conditions and it is easy to debunk this bullshit. Talk to real scientists and learn facts. Do not rely on radio hucksters with an agenda to sell and move products.


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