Alex Jones Clifford E Carnicom talk about Geoengineering Part 2

Alex Jones Interviewing Clifford E Carnicom on the subject of chemtrails Pictures and video from Norfolk UK RESEARCH——–RESEARCH——–RESEARCH

6 thoughts on “Alex Jones Clifford E Carnicom talk about Geoengineering Part 2

  1. lilshook1

    Good comments! yes, contrails DO evaporate! we are all not going crazy.? lol … it happens in the morning. UN has banned chemtrails in parts of the world but not this continent. i believe these trails are a part of a GEO-ENGINEERING research program. maybe H.A.A.R.P. cloud seeding does exist. they did it in the cold war all over the world and now there is advanced tech as u can imagine from back then to now. i have uploaded my 4th jet trail vid 2day. i got to record in the US. i am from Canada.

  2. Thomas Molter

    So if they can just spray us with whatever, can then we spray the planes with lead when they fly over? I have a good video of a plane have sprayer problems. They sprayed the shit out of Michigan last? week.

  3. Bobster986

    This video is over a year old and it only has 566 views, the tags are good for searches, so why so little views? F.U.? YouTube!

  4. fuzzilu

    Hiya from Wisbech .. they have been persistantly going across here v early morning, I have seen 5? planes in the sky at 1 time :(( Tried to viddy it today but it wouldn`t d/l

    Keep well X

  5. PlaneTrailEnquiry

    number? three/four is the primary reason

    sign the petition

    google gov petition uk the search for chemtrail petition – only 100 signatures so far


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