Alex Jones/Chemtrail Deception – 1:35 The chemtrail program is operated by Evergreen Air, a CIA front. The planes are fully customized and fabricated for operations in major forest fire fighting, dispersal of correxit 9500 in the gulf, geo engineering, and I’m sure a variety of other uses. Adding nano particle alluminum and barium to jet fuel would destroy the engines, clog fuel filters, and render the plane impotent. WAKE UP!

25 thoughts on “Alex Jones/Chemtrail Deception

  1. SmokinJoeTrainer

    @rod11672000 I do not argue that chemtrails do not exist, I’m very aware that they DO in fact. But the concept of mixing chemicals into the jet fuel is absurd. The planes are fabricated with internal storage tanks and spray nozzles on the wings. Much more complicated than mixing shit in with the jet fuel.

  2. SmokinJoeTrainer

    @GauthierDeleersnijdr Check out what that phony did during Y2K. Check out what he did at the Austin Gun Rally late ’09. He tells a lot of truth, and mixes it with a lot of hype and bullshit.

  3. GauthierDeleersnijdr

    @Serpentium7 indeed, this guy is blind. there so much more evidence about our goverment’s planning such things. Alex Jones is a hero, believe me ;), we need people like him.

  4. rod11672000

    Man, miss me. Go to my channel and look up: “Project Cloverleaf” and tell me if this shit is natural…. You are under mind control and you have become an idoiot.. Contrails do not disperse and take on the appearance of clouds.. Nor do contrails “stop and start” like chemtrails… Fuck all you blind motherfuckers, I will not say another word, from now on I will simply watch and observe you maniacs….

  5. vermontapple

    @rod11672000 It isn’t spraying. You have video footage of contrails. Yes, planes fly at night. Yes they still leave contrails at night. What makes you think you have video footage of spraying, and not just footage of contrails?

  6. rod11672000

    You motherfuckers must never have seen any spraying… You stupid motherfuckers, I have video footage of the spraying, I have seen them spraying at night, and there are plenty videos in circulation showing these chemtrails from all over the world…

  7. HyperColours

    @Serpentium7 I thought Chemtrails were some extra shady phenomena so I researched it independently.

    The theory falls apart quickly, Aluminum is an abrasive. If mixed in a suspension like Jet fuel A. This Aluminum would first choke the fuel filters and would in no time blow the injectors out. Secondly Aluminum in a particulate forum would get flashed into sparks if you push it in the Jets multiple stage compressor system or combustion chamber.

  8. onefourtango

    @WireZombie253 But hey if “ALEX JONES IS A HERO!” then why don’t you get your little “hero” to take a sample directly from a “chemtrail’ to show exactly what is being “sprayed” and at exactly what levels… no chemtrail believer has ever found any abnormal chemical in any trail (if you claim differently then give SPECIFIC reference to any sample taken directly from IN ANY TRAIL that has been found to contain any abnormal chemicals)
    OH and why hasn’t AJ done this already. is he “simply a coward”

  9. onefourtango

    @WireZombie253 Thank you zombie, you have shown (like all the other chemtrails believers and AJ) that you know of NO specific law of science/physics/thermodynamics that prevents condensation or a contrails from ever lasting longer then “10 to 30 seconds”

    And as for your own suggestion as what Wikipedia say about contrails YOU apparently missed the
    “OR MAY PERSIST FOR MANY HOURS” part of the same sentence that you chose to quote above.
    Was that due to your addled little mind?

  10. WireZombie253

    It’s not in the fuel. People are just starting to discover the truth. There are airplanes re-outfitted to drop chem-trails. Your dunce! We know they exist. Now we have to stop them. People like you only stall the process. ALEX JONES IS A HERO!
    He is not afraid to ask the tough questions. You are simply a coward and you will burn in hell with you narcissistic ass! You need to get some fresh air, It seems the fake cigarette is blocking the oxygen in your brain.

  11. WireZombie253

    @onefourtango You must be working for them. ( the evil people behind our undoing) or are stupidly blind…..Nope You not blind, You see whats happening but you are for the NWO. Well I say FUCK YOU! and FUCK THEM TOO!
    You better come up with something solid if you want to argue your point. Do some research. Not just youtube. Some real research ask the the tough questions to your govt. leaders. I bet you get a real shock to see You were wrong the whole time.
    Yeah our govt. wouldn’t lie to us!

  12. WireZombie253

    @onefourtango From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Contrails (play / ?k?n.tre??lz/; short for “condensation trails”) or vapour trails are artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. If the air is cold enough, this trail will comprise tiny ice crystals. Depending on atmospheric conditions, contrails may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes
    From: wikipedia Look it up.(chem trails last for hours sometimes. You dumb ass!

  13. onefourtango

    @WireZombie253 but since you think you are not “so wrong it’s pathetic” with your “condensation only lingers for about 10 to 30 seconds” BS statement .. then pray tell .. specifically what law of physics/ science / thermodynamics prevents condensation from lasting longer then “10 to? 30 seconds”..come on lit one .. you can say SPECIFICALLY what law of physics .. that is .. if you are not “”so wrong it’s pathetic” LOL

  14. onefourtango

    @WireZombie253 “First off condensation only lingers for about 10 to 30 seconds”

    LOL that is soo soo funny … your own statement show how delusional chemtrail believers are … .. you wirezombie, just demonstrated the fallacy of chemtrail believers the wold over .. you hold on to the delusion that condensation can last longer then xx amount of time … in your case it is “10 to 30 seconds”.. LOL.. that is soo soo funny …

  15. WireZombie253

    @onefourtango You are so wrong it’s pathetic. Those are chem-trails. First off condensation only lingers for about 10 to 30 seconds following the airplane. Chem trails last for several minutes sometimes hours. Go do your homework before you join big people topics.

  16. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc as for your “The sheep is you!” .. l
    here is a few real world fact for you
    A)sheep don’t fly and no sheep has ever earned a airman’s certificate
    B) sheep in fact just are simple minded creatures that stand on the ground and look up as aircraft pass over .their little mind unable to comprehend what they are seeing .jsut like you
    But hey .. IF you are not sheep like then YOU (or one of your lit chemtrail friends) should learn to fly and see for you self what you call “chemtrails”

  17. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc But hey, like I said your delusional little world, I’m sure my (and all other pilots) EXPERIENCE at FL’s ‘has no bearing” in a sick lit chemtrail believers mind like yours
    SO … do you think you know more about AIRCRAFT behavior at flight levels (INCLUDING THE TRAILS)then pilots do? IF so they what is you “knowledge based on .. your years of “looking up” LOL… or is it more google / you tube based LOl

  18. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc Thank you again .. you continue to show who delusional chemtrail believers are with your own statement “pilots has no bearing on the discussion”
    WELL WELL ,,, I am sure you WISH people with actually aviation EXPERIENCE with how aircraft do and do not behave at flight levels “has no bearing on the discussion” in the real world … TOO bad for you does have bearing . .. and you know it LOL

  19. vhsjvc

    @onefourtango if you think your put down of that video which CLEARLY SHOWS ON OFF SPRAYING is in anyway going to detur surfers from checking it out, you’re dreaming, and once they do, they will see how retarded you sound.

    Even if you know a “pilot” [ROFL, LMAO] that has no bearing on the discussion and only shows that you LACK CREDIBILITY, and please, record your “pilot” convo [ROFL, LMAO]

    The sheep is you! AHHAHAHhahaha! do you still brush with Fluoride? [RAT POISON]

    c The Fluoride Deception

  20. Hardrock4040

    Jets sit on runways for hours sometimes and when they take off there’s full throttle and lots of heat, in any case if something was in fuel or reacting by heat the airport would be one big cloud on the ground.

  21. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc THANK YOU vhsjvc, for demonstrating once again how delusional you chemtrails believers are And Also Thank YOU for show how NO chemtrail believer, even yourself, can name even a couple of independently verifiable / confirm able REAL PILOTS that claim the trails are “chemtrails or even claim that condensation has to always dissipate quickly (AS AJ does lol)
    now keep looking up like the sheep in the field and keep whining “baa chemtrails . .. baa chemtrails” as pilots fly over LOL

  22. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc OH and as for your” **AMAZING** Best footage Chemtrails 2010 Timelapse England London – Debunk this!”

    LOL what is to debunk?? .. it is OBVIOUS to pretty much ever educated person in the world (+99%) (INCLUDING every real independently verifiable pilot you can name) that the video is of condensation trails
    The only people who think they are “chemtrail” are delusional souls like you .. that do not have the mental capability of understanding something as simple as CONDENSATION

  23. onefourtango

    @vhsjvc hey vhsjvc why don’t you make a video of these trails you claim “form at low altitudes”..oh and make them from flying ABOVE the trails flying in non pressurization none turbo, piston single.. .. that why is shows how LOW you claim the trails to be LOl..
    OH and don’t say you can’t find a pilot that can fly a non pressurization none turbo, piston single for you just ask one of the The pilots I, know are in Greece” … that is if they are not a product of you delusional lit mind LOL

  24. vhsjvc

    and one more:

    **AMAZING** Best footage Chemtrails 2010 Timelapse England London – Debunk this!

    put that text into the search box, and tell you pilot friends to stop lying to you! The pilots I know are in Greece, and there are vids of pilots on youtube who talk about this, sorry that your buddy is so blind, i think he proly shouldn’t be flying if he can’t tell the diff between on off spraying and mile long trails that expand, and form at low altitudes with only 30% humidity when 70% is needed.


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