Info bombs going off all around big thanks to Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson all my subs and freinds Academianon for the inspiration NufffRespect, johnny24865622 for suggesting Aone AVI DivX to DVD SVCD VCD Converter for Windows. Transfering footage from DV tapes is a bit of hassle and takes longer to put onto Youtube as they then need to be captured and chopped and saved to DVD, but now I have found an even faster complete solution Cyberlink Powerdirector 7, but as I had made a DVD I had to convert the DVD to .AVI or .MPG so I used “Aone AVI DivX to DVD SVCD VCD Converter for Windows” mentioned earlier, but I’ve sust it all out and have added some text in the video to show you what I used to make this as well so big thanks to johnny24865622 Ufo geeser! Cyberlink Power Director 7 Ultra is fantastic! You can record straight from the DV cam edit title effects many high end features caters for all new school HD Hard Disc cams, and lets you save back to DV tape, make a DVD, or Upload to Youtube! logs into your account but its faster to save as a File AVI MPEG2 MPE4(portable) etc its worth £59 (if you can afford it) this is my 1st ever use, some annoying features but theres new updates to try so its an easy learning curve, one gripe is moving or resizing clips can alter other clips lengths and audio lengths so keep an eye on it, easy timeline to work to. and it DIDNT CRASH like crappy Microsoft movie maker using a 2GB Netbook Advent 4211. Chemtrail Awareness Flyers next job!

12 thoughts on “ALEXJONES CHEMTRAIL UPDATE 18 04 09

  1. wearechangenorwich

    the documentary ‘ global dimming ‘ covers all of this – except that they call them contrails, not chemtrails, despite chemtrails being admitted in congressional bills such as hr2977. they’re deliberately heating up the planet, also forming floods here, and droughts and famine there, when the temp goes up, due to their spraying, we’ll be charged for it in carbon taxes.

    the great global warming swindle is also a must watch for anyone that hasnt yet seen it.

  2. Jaharra19

    Last Sunday they were spraying here all day. I woke up the next day not feeling well with flu like symptoms. I blamed it on allergies but am not so sure as it was hot out and I was outside all day under those trails.

  3. brightonchemtrails

    thanks alot for the link and the reason for the ( ) code sometimes I use (at) for emails, its not all about Youtube as we are all finding out, i will check it out thanks.

  4. Puskarawsx

    Awesome Video. Youtube can be a great asset for you. If you need any help getting your video exposed check out this site called sl8t.(com) It has really done wonders for me, I have built 3 channels up with videos at top in position, this is my forth channel I’m going to working on now.

    Sorry for the parenthesis around the com, some reason Youtube will not let you give an actual address in a comment. Real weird. Have a Blessed day!

    Wow, I have to say, this Video is unique!

  5. Enki1968

    Thanks for uploading, great links/articles!
    Do they have breathing filters for little dogs ?
    And…dont panic Alex LOL *****


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