Amazing – Chemtrail Plane switches trail on and off

Caught this yesterday at 5.15.I think this unedited footage dispels the myth that chemtrails are contrails once and for all !Strangely the plane virtualy disappears apart from a bright white dot near the end of the footage.Not sure if this can be explained by photographic means/physics.

25 thoughts on “Amazing – Chemtrail Plane switches trail on and off

  1. piggypolice

    The aircraft is travelling at over 700 ft per second so it can easily move between differing areas of temp, humidity and pressure, that’s why the contrail stops and starts.

  2. artholmenssommarstad

    Well, that statement regarding to the subject clearly explains Your own mental status.
    This type of overwhelming suspiciousness based on very few facts and denying the obvious at all is is called paranoia.
    Why dont You try to believe what You eyes tell You instead for onces sake ?
    And again, I am not denying the existence of chemtrails, I know they are reaö because I’ve experienced it myself.

  3. IwontConform

    the video @2:31 and after is very convincing.No one is gonna tell me that is a contrail emitting into “pockets” of alternately dry and moist air.That is fuckin pressurized aerosol spraying if i`ve ever seen it.The colors of the emission are also pretty conclusive as chemical and not water vapor


    @Larryonoff333 yah dumb ass thats why the fuckin weather can be the same all week and you dont see this shit every day . and not all planes do it . you need to wake up.

  5. Larryonoff333

    …gee…couldn’t possibly be because the planes was flying thru different patches of air?? warmer or drier?? …i mean…contrails are a function of temp and humidity…and I am sure the atmosphere is filled with all sorts of pockets of differing air…I mean the atmosphere isn’t uniform is it??

    Clouds have gaps….who turns on and off the clouds?

  6. Headshothorror4488

    More proof its being sprayed, not a dam contrail, wake up , if you dont see this FACT by now you are a fucking moron, we need
    To take a stand together , NOW , 2012 ,

  7. drubber007

    great footage…but i think we got the picture that it was going off & on…ie you didn’t need to keep saying it every 10 seconds 😉

  8. beachcomber2008

    @expertizzlist And these people are possibly terminal with it
    It’s a sign of “dumbing down”, unfortunately, where critical thinking has been removed from educational requirements, deliberately, and from “above”, for nearly forty years now, to take the strain of “competition” away from the propertied class, turn the middle class back to slavery, and eliminate the working class
    This is working, & these complainants and people like them will be the first to “go”
    They’ll identify THEMSELVES to FEMA.

  9. 1madaboutguitar

    @artholmenssommarstad You said this was changes in atmospheric pressure. And I said you are mentally ill. I stand by that statement.

  10. artholmenssommarstad

    And I am sorry that You cant believe what Your eyes really tell you, the illness is merely at Your side it seems.

  11. expertizzlist

    @beachcomber2008 thank you for putting it so eloquently. i wonder how on earth can people really think they are sprayed day in and day out – and do nothing about it. they say it’s a wmd. then why is everyone still around? all those people who call themselves enlightened and finally awake seem to be the most deluded bunch ever. thought really is the most infectious virus.

  12. hoplite46

    @hoplite46 Nope they are caused by aircraft end of discussion. These are not the Victorian times when factories are allowed to belch smoke. Anyway you are free to have your own opinion

  13. RustyShackleford1776

    Its sputtering because he has clogged nozzels or the pumps aren’t working properly. I have seen this before. Rotten bastards. Death to chempilots. Death to the Illuminati.

  14. beachcomber2008

    @hoplite46 photochemical smogs existed before aircraft
    They are caused mainly by the action of sunlight on smoke from burned fossil fuels in general
    Los Angeles, Mexico City, and London are famous for their smogs
    What stops you answering this stuff yourself? No brain?


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