Amazing Crop Circle Reveals A 2012 Prophesy

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25 thoughts on “Amazing Crop Circle Reveals A 2012 Prophesy

  1. Zoeolivefarm147

    Damn pesky Aliens always destroying my crop.Next time they come around I’m going to give them a taste of lead.Both barrels.See what they think of blast patterns.LOL

  2. Longshanks197412

    satan likes to tell us when he plans to do something evil to mankind. he wants to be god, so he has his own false book of revelation. Remember the myans used to line up to have their chest cut open and their still beating hearts ripped out blood spraying everywhere then the preist throws the discombobulated hacked up body down the pyramid steps to the people below blood, fecal , and other bodily fluids running like a river down the pyramid also, and finally the people below eat the corpse

  3. trampledone

    there is not a human alive that can make these perfect designs overnight . there is definintly an extraterestrial presence at hand.

  4. GHMYahooka

    @WHYDONTYOUG3TAJOB with your uncles helicopter and mathematically perfect calculations? as well as his expensive laser sites for making the circle perfectly and having absolutely no flaws or slight alterations?

    Explain to me how to got the cells to bust from the inside out and then weaved the crops in and out of each other intricately…

    Oh and explain to me how you did this all over night with nobody noticing and taking pictures….


    well damn, guys me and my friends made this, my uncle is a farmer and he lives about 3 miles from there, and there is a huge hill just behind where the picture was taken, thats how we made it so good, we used my uncles equipments to make it, it was a joke i didnt think itd end up as some big news, but if like government and people study this will i be in trouble?

  6. InHumanForm555

    Alright, but how pissed off are these farmers getting from these crop circles, that to me is what everyone should be concerned most about, all else is just babbling nonsense speculation.

  7. calscott1

    these scientists should just keep the false alarm to themselves.there dieing to find a planet like earth so bad that everytime they spot another round thing in space that wobbles they tell the news they may have found another earth so fucking stupid

  8. Katharsis540

    @CYBERJOKER100 so appeal to authority?fallacy here we can’t even start using Discovery Channel since they don’t teach Trivium,Quadrivium and Critical Thinking.another fallacy ppl use ad hominem |?ad ?häm?n?m|
    adverb & adjective
    1 (of an argument or reaction) arising from or appealing to the emotions and not reason or logic.
    • attacking an opponent’s motives or character rather than the policy…also we live in a monetary system which sucks ass alternative/s exist so let us take that into account

  9. ZebZachary

    you aren’t even listening to what Jaime says in the video !
    he never said “the world will end on May 20 2012 !
    not once does he ever say this !
    watch the video again….
    and for that matter, the Mayan calendar does not say the world will end on
    Dec. 21 2012….it is the end of an age…and the beginning of a new…
    this does not mean that humans will be around to see it..we may wipe ourselves out even before Dec. 21 2012….who knows ?

  10. MultiPaulinator

    What happened to Dec 12th? I wanna know that I can still open my Christmas presents after the world ends. At least I can know that the theaters will still be open.

  11. candr

    About the only thing crop circles tell us is that there are some folk out there with a lot of time on their hand and like good jokes.


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