Amazing Footage of WWII Chemtrail Experiments

Old military footage of early chemtrails experiments. This is crazy.

23 thoughts on “Amazing Footage of WWII Chemtrail Experiments

  1. eyeOOsee

    How can anyone NOT see chemtrails??!!
    Just LOOK UP!!!
    If you’re at work during the day, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!
    If? you’re at home during the evening, LOOK AT THE SKY!!

  2. thetrackx

    This is not a Chemtrail. I? believe on Chemtrails, but this is a Tactical Operation to hide Ships from? the Enemys. Or why do you think there is a Ship near the trail?

  3. Harold Saive

    Monsanto’s Agent Orange herbicides were illegal, toxic chemtrails of chemical warfare intended for mass destruction and deforestation during the illegal false flag called the Vietnam? War. Tons of the chemtrails were recklessly sprayed over American, Korean and other allied troops with no waring – including pilots, themselves. We were not at war with Laos and Cambodia but those countries received more chemtrail toxins than Vietnam resulting in hundrres of thousands of grotesque birth defects.

  4. SaiGirl

    Hey moron: A “smokescreen” using CHEMICALS is a “chemtrail”. Try Googling “Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering”. (SAG). There’s even an article in wikipedia discussing “SAG”. But you wouldn’t know about that? because you’re a true “American”. “American” = ignorant as hell and proud of it.

  5. reelMn

    I just got my medical insurance policy renewal today with higher than expected price increases due to “increased health claims”. Some of the reasons given: “Chemotherapy treatments between 2003 and 2011: up 804%” That? is not a misprint.

  6. Weinlock

    bull shit indeed! This is an experiment of method for covering attacking bombers in WWII. They had to hide behind that cloud cortain.? The method never worked, it had too many problems. That shit is a chemtrail indeeed, but is short in lenght and duration and has nothing to do with trails we have today in our sky?

  7. ridleyja

    and slyn smiley as it appears to be this trolls other alias, I wonder who is paying for? all these hater posters

  8. ridleyja

    Mr Gopherhead get to be first blocked user by this channel. Such bile cannot be allowed to deface this channel. Thanks Tokit and Stewart for standing up to that evil small minded bad mouthed dumbed? down BS.

  9. stewart watling

    Just watched an alarming video by revmichellehopkins called….”Are we? free falling to destruction”.Think you should take a look.Cheers


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