here’s the link.. this is DISGUSTING !! Observe the ADMITTED projects.. and their “side effects”…. Geoengineeing may be responsible for the mass animal deaths!… watch the video then tell me what you think… listen all the way through and then read the article… peace in these times dutchsinse ****************** FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:

25 thoughts on “animal die off EXPLAINED?! USATODAY — GEOENGINEERING on FRONT PAGE!

  1. Licmycat

    What’s wrong with making more jobs to save people’s lives. What about making those murdering filthy toxic-spewing corporations obey morals and laws. They are ruining our world by outsourcing jobs and pouring toxic waste into people’s water, air and land. Hiring those foreign folks with ‘slave-wages’. Those should be EXECUTED. Blow up those satanists? There are many who are DOMESTIC-TERRORISTS. Wait ’til I start posting all the nasty stories on vids and blogs as well as others…

  2. sttoad

    I understood everything the author was indicating and I agree these topics are the machinations of a suicidal Elite.

  3. joebonghit

    @dutchsinse please do some research into no till low till farming…its actually a pretty good and viable method despite being lumped into this group.

  4. joebonghit

    please do some research into no till low till farming…its actually a pretty good and viable method despite being lumped into this group.

  5. 2LifeEssential

    thx for making this. i saw the article too and was pissed. i can’t figure out how to use screenshot to make a vid tho’ !.. geoengineering has been going on for a long time. what do people think ‘cloudseeding’ is ? why don’t people notice the ‘contrails’ that spread out and end up clouding the sky with a milky white film. and then the weather changes ?!! they’re not just killing animals, they’re killing us SLOWLY!

  6. enigmalinsanity

    yeah, great idea, lets hurl clouds of SULFUR into the air!! that’ll stop pesky old global warming! we may lose a few million lives from doing so but hey! you’ve gotta make sacrifices!

  7. aurora990

    this is going to kill every human being in the world. whoever came up with the idea of polluting the environment to reduce sunlight and carbon is not a human being.

  8. B1N4RYGH0ST

    Thank you for posting this video, I’m looking forward to checking out the link. I’m also going to favorite the video too. Peace out and please continue to put this kind of videos out there.5*’s

  9. chicagoareachemtrail

    unbelievable, this is the coverage the press gives geo engineering?? why not hurt the planet more? unreal, what are they thinking?? how can they be serious, did he not research this at all??

  10. JezEngland

    @worthyplayboy why does science exist because this guy didn’t stop them lol. ok i’ll look at your channel dutch and we wish luck to correcting confusion :)

  11. JezEngland

    awesome i like it bring on evolution lol this planet is doomed so science is gona do that. it’s a good idea. they will experiment on small things too and we’re here to survive or join. lol i don’t argue with these civilised scientists. av you seen wat the Japanese did in the cold war, a video on my channel favourites called Japans dirty secrets, and think why are we Europe U.S controlling this planet with the notion that we are civilised

  12. lucifursam

    If you want a really good laugh, read the Huffington Post article: “Could A Small Nuclear War? Reverse Global Warming?” (posted 2/26/11)

  13. TheJoshJman

    @LaPuertorra69– (continued).. so, puerto rican girl huh? that is so awesome… you’re the first female-puert-rican-awaken person i’ve met… and no problem… the friend request is the least i could do.

  14. TheJoshJman

    @LaPuertorra69– you caught me! i work for the government. haha…i too am awake, i took the red pill. i’m glad you did too. the world is crazy, it needs to change, and so it is. i’ve also done my part in trying to wake the sheep and explaining how this”reality” is fake. it’s just funny how in all of this, the majority still follows the corrupt structured government, and not want something better and easier like Peace and Love. but we must remain strong, humanity will prevail!

  15. PatriotsUnite2010

    Among many people who have researched USAToday, NewsWeek & Time, not to mention Popular Mechanics et al are considered SHILLS of the Corporate Mega Power Structure.
    There is ample documentation for this to be the case – but as an example, there is a notorious comment by Rockefeller at the CFR thanking the Major Papers (Hearst) for controlling information and NOT revealing their Operations – e.g. Bilderberg & CFR

  16. PatriotsUnite2010

    Interesting Piece of the Puzzle…
    USAToday BLOCKED Access to Archive-Org
    Meaning – NO Accountability to their Information
    Output at Archive-Org follows
    usatoday [dot] com is not available in the Wayback Machine.

  17. MrBuckwilliam

    there is a lot of adding to the scam of greenhouse gas and global warming in that one… that is how disinfo works though, add a little truth to the pack of lies. . the media is really pouring it on lately. who was that crony of hitler that said “if you tell the lie often enough, they’ll begin to beloeve it”? hmmm, maybe hitler is still alive O_o


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