Army basic training gas chamber

DEEPWATER SAYS TELL THE WORLD :: HERE’S THE PROOF OF THE 2ND BP OIL WELL…!!! God, go with you…!!! WELL A (“Capped”) MC252_A START DATE = 4/15/2009 END DATE=7/24/2009 No. of Days=100 X=1202803.88′ Y=10431617.00′ Lat= 28 deg 44′ 17.277″ N Lon= 88 deg 21′ 57.340″ W WELL B (“Exploded”) MC252_B START DATE = 4/15/2010 END DATE=7/24/2010 No. of Days=100 X=1202514.00′ Y=10431494.00′ Lat= 28 deg 44′ 16.027″ N Lon= 88 deg 22′ 00.581″ W See PDF document at RUN…!!! YOU MUST UNDERSTAND WHO AND WHAT GOD IS, AND MAKE HIM COMPLETE IN YOUR SOUL…!!! YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY RIGHT THIS MINUTE…!!! MY BOARD HAS BEEN WIPED CLEAN 6 TIMES NOW…!!! !!!…PLEASE COPY AND MIRROR ALL OF THIS MATERIAL BEFORE THEY BLACK IT OUT AGAIN…!!! YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY RIGHT THIS MINUTE…!!! THERE IS A “FEMA” HOLOCAUST COMING IN DAYS…!!! DON’T COME BACK…!!! Symphony of Science ‘We Are All Connected’ ft Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye 2012 Extinction is Forever – Mans Pollution Planet Threatens all Life Bp Oil Polluted Gulf Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and Hydrogen Sulfide…!!! From Hawk On June 24th 2010 — Get Out of the Gulf Coast Now!!! “Deepwater Crimes Against Humanity” “Operation Garden Plot” “FEMA Martial Law”

8 thoughts on “Army basic training gas chamber

  1. 18snakeman

    Goood times in the chamber good times lol and I still had enough breath to chuck deuces at the camera at my basic lol. They tried to kill us in there

  2. soldier19k420

    the point of this obstical to to train you to trust your equipment and yourselve, but most importantly,not panicing . and theres no way to cheat the chamber your gunna get a cheast full of it. enjoy lol

  3. SummerGameProject

    I’m going to hold my breath and fake like i’m coughing. If professional divers can hold their breaths up to 6 minutes it can be done.

    Although, maybe they make you scream so you inhale?


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