Atomic Fish Food Experiment! Chemtrail Report #2 Carbon Credit Con! 4/22/10 Earth Day!

The Regulation of Geo-engineering – March 2010. DianeDi ? thank you for the geo report Believersunderground Chemtrail Group

25 thoughts on “Atomic Fish Food Experiment! Chemtrail Report #2 Carbon Credit Con! 4/22/10 Earth Day!

  1. believersunderground

    @medini2 strange fungus is killing frogs and othere things in calif. too. the eco system is going in the crapper fast now. Scott (BUG)

  2. medini2

    i read in india, people started getting sick w/ “dropsy”, a type of paralysis & the gov. said it was the mustard oil from mustard seeds that was doing it..well, suddenly, monsanto swooped in & it was illegal to plant non gmo seeds.
    now we have some kind of strange fungus on wheat, corn, rye in the nw states, now stating it came out of kenya..but, russia says, it’s gmo wheat & corn. pretty soon will be illegal to grow non-gmo wheat,corn here, anyway.

  3. Antonius1999

    These seed manufacturers eventually want to control the people through food. Back in the day farmers could save seeds for next years crop. Not any more, these seeds have been geneticlly programed to commit “suicide” so they won’t produce a crop worth harvesting. Evil aint it? Makes the farmers dependent on what I call the other “Big Farma” –seed companies.

  4. HannibalFL86

    Nuclear fallout would explain what happened to the Phoenix Islands reef system, enormous one day damn near barren the next.. if a high concentration of that toxic crap swarmed in due to environmental conditions, it would explain it all.. no fish (they eat the crap), no reef, no reef (no animals to support/feed on it) no fish.

  5. ogskeetdizzle

    The Ceo of monstanto is also the surgeon governor general of USA, go figure……. it’s messed up, they need to be stopped, check out the site: millions against monsanto.

    also watch the documentary, : The Future Of Food, directed by the Linda Garcia, wife of the Gerry garcia from Grateful dead.

  6. ogskeetdizzle

    Monstano, owns both genetically modified seed patents, and also most chemicals used like pesticides, ect. monstano is the most evil company on the planet, they want to patent every plant , animal and species, and completely control the food chain. A patented, modified, monstanto feild grown next to an organic natural feild can infect it by cross pollination then monsanto actually has the right to claim tax on the guy’s crops even tho he didn’t grow them. Monsanto must Die

  7. ogskeetdizzle

    nature cannot be patented, all patented seeds and spores, ect. have been genetically modified in labs using dangerous bacteria like Ecoli to break down the Cell wall of the of the seed , then they implant their new fake genetics, then they bring the plant cell back to health using antibiotics, after that is done, the plant cell has no more immune system pretty much. So if you grow these patented modified seeds. you pretty much also have to use chemicals to protect them from rotting and dying.

  8. believersunderground

    going back to hosp. now. I Love You Very Much. Scott (BUG) let your light shine! Let”s walk in Love. It’s our only hope for mankind. be well.

  9. believersunderground

    This is because you care about others.
    Honors for this video (1)
    #94 – Top Rated (Today)) – Education
    I Love You! You make this world have light.
    Please pray for my son, he is the hosp. I was up all night with him. he is in alot of pain. He is going to have emergency surgery on his back ASAP. Love Scott (BUG)

  10. solidgrape

    god informed us about these thing, scott just re explaines it to us with scientific proof and common sence 100***** keep up the good work today higher quakes are all over the place take care…

  11. rcguy47

    Hey Scott
    I’m really worried about whales. Could this be the last straw and wipe out the whales? Take care…rcguy

  12. UFOHunter1690

    Yes it is sad how we are throwing all of are garbage to the ocean whaters soon there will be no ocean only garbadge flouting around


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