A collage of clouds. Magnificent views of super storm clouds, strange weather phenomena, lenticular clouds, tornadoes, and even dust storms. Set to some great music from a San Francisco Band – Interface Oblivion Some of these images probably are graphically enhanced but most of them are definitely real! Some are so odd looking, they may be man-made with weather modification influences. I uploaded this video today, on 12/21/08, winter solstice – to commemorate the winter solstice alignment of 2012. With every passing winter solstice we are one cosmic notch closer to the closest point in the alignment. So for all practical purposes, we’re there now, as we are just a moment away. This galactic alignment happens only once every 26000 years .Events are happening that show us something tremendous is definitely going on! Amazing weather patterns, strange phenomena & energy coming to a head on the planet. When you look at these awesome clouds, you see the massiveness and power of nature. Now just imagine how great the forces are coming from Galactic Center through our sun, into our solar system at this time. Keep on sky watching.

25 thoughts on “AWESOME CLOUDS

  1. songsrme3

    Awsome video and awesome clods.
    You need to promote this video more however, It should have at least 1 million views.

  2. YEMbyphish

    lol, this is so tight. I showed it to my friends and hes words where “I just want to get stoned a pass out listening to it.” lool works on that level too. :)


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