BBC Propaganda, Chemtrails are not Contrails A brief analysis of a BBC propaganda piece that attempts to explain away the ‘Chemtrail phenomenon’ as harmless Contrails, describing them as natural, pretty and helpful in combatting global warming… nothing could be further from the truth.

25 thoughts on “BBC Propaganda, Chemtrails are not Contrails

  1. castiron1969

    @drkstrong Dr.Strong,I have been a subscriber for quite some time now,and respect your opinion strongly.Are you stating that the all the airplanes that are? emitting a vapor of whatever kind,are all harmless, and that there is definitely nothing in the vapor trails at all that would be considered harmful to us as a species??? This is not the information that I have! The explanation of the vapor trail is accurate, but what is your stand on the issue? Are we being chemtrailed in the US??

  2. o0PocoMax0o

    @bernzeppi I hate to insult people that is not my way to pass information. But I hate when people insult me. Could have been a little nicer and explained it nicer. I have been in the military and I know about military chaff. It wasn’t just used during WW2. I believe it was during WW2? that they first was experimenting with it!

  3. o0PocoMax0o

    @bernzeppi This is a quote from navy research, The aerodynamic diameter of a chaff dipole cross section (~40 µm) is also shown. Most particles larger than 10 µm are removed in the mouth or nose prior to entering thebody. ? Ten to 60% of the particles passing the trachea with aerodynamic diameters less than 10µm may deposit in the lung where they might cause harm.

  4. o0PocoMax0o

    @bernzeppi Omg you sound so dumb in trying to insult me. I’ll send you the navy? research Pdf files on chaff. Including videos from weather forecaster saying that it is chaff. You are so stupid! Research your data, before you come to me ok? I know shit that you don’t know. I have been there and done that!!!! Now when I send you all this prove! Than who is the idiot then. I can only think of three people! you! You! and YOU!

  5. bernzeppi

    @EarthshipFreedom “It IS burnt fuel”
    Watch all them chem trails cummin out of all them cars!
    Far far faaaaarrrrr out maaaaan!
    Put that aluminium foil on your head maaaan.
    Microwaves gonna git cha!?

  6. revolutionloveevolve

    While people argue weather these are contrails/chemtrails in the? comments section the UK government openly admit they have sprayed chemicals over populations search ‘the guardian – Millions were in germ war tests’

  7. bernzeppi

    @o0PocoMax0o fuck maaaan!
    That was the second world war!
    And they are chunky! Too big to breathe.
    They are more likely to slice your face to pieces… not cause fibrosis… THAT’s asbestos that does that. You know, the cheap ass material called ‘fibro’ your house? is made of.
    “They spray that stuff all over. Including Florida, California and New Jersey”
    Bwaaaha ha ha ha haaaar!
    Where do you freaks come from?

  8. drkstrong

    @merlinab88 Above a few thousand feet – water vapour becomes ice crytals and dont melt until they become heavy enough to fall. High clouds? are just ice crystals.

    The chemicals you mention are from industrial pollution – smelting of bauxite, the production of electronics. nuclear tests. mining of coal, and so on.

  9. merlinab88

    @Vengeant1 Yeah unfortunatly i have to agree, we have shills and dissinformers all over the web for the purpose to dissinform and keep the viewers in a confused state, chemtrails are real, look at the checkerboard formations, they’re a blanket of shit and it should be stopped, drkstrongs opinions are irrelivant, !!! it’s either dissbelief his government would employ such tactics, or ignorance, shills or trolls usually ask for evidence, only to reinforce? their paid views on any matter.

  10. merlinab88

    @drkstrong I did’nt say water vapour !, ice crystals melt yeah? it’s the ice crystals we see from contrails that seem to melt within a few mins a min, but chemtrails hang around for hours, like i said they have been tested , they found barium, aluminum oxides, strontium, and many more, theese poisons don’t come from burning jet fuels, no ones trying to convince you !? it’s down to personal beliefs from their own research, they have even cut the budget for spraying, as it exeeded 2 bill

  11. o0PocoMax0o

    @EarthshipFreedom Well I have been in the military and they do spread aluminum fibers called chaff. It is design to block radars during military exercises. I believe it was Navy research PDF files that I read that said it was bad for the lungs. It may cause nodular fibrosis of the? lungs. They spray that stuff all over. Including Florida, California and New Jersey. During military exercises. It is often detected by Doppler radar.

  12. o0PocoMax0o

    @drkstrong Thank you Dr. Strong, These people have to think before they talk. If the government were spraying us to make us into zombies to control us, or make us sick to sell pills through corporations to make themselves? rich. Wouldn’t people think that President Obama and people from the Pentagon would be underground and when they spray us using chemicals it would be invisible? I have heard all kinds of nonsense like that. That distract us from the truth.

  13. EarthshipFreedom

    Regardless the argument on whether it is a chem-trail or con-trail, It IS burnt? fuel,and that technically makes it a CHEMICAL-TRAIL. I wish Dr,Kstrong would open his mind to this matter as something that should be closely examined for the health of all humans.

  14. o0PocoMax0o

    @drkstrong I Agree with you Dr. Strong. I guess they can call? it chem trails if they want. Because it does contain carbon dioxide, nitrogen Oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfur gases, soot and metal particles. Perhaps maybe some smaller amounts of trace chemicals due to additives to keep engine clean. Well I hate to bust your bubble people. That part that you see is water vapors. The rest is virtually invisible or hard to see from above 26,000 ft condensation levels.

  15. KingLewie2152uk

    @PhatPhat818 Just saying dude….googling keywords like “contrail vs chemtrail” is just gonna send u to one place with your laughable, indepth research!? Have u not noticed the sheer amount of videos on chemtrails and their countless links to the terms “NWO” and “2012 doomsday” bollocks?! Why not go and ask the Pope if he believes in God while you’re there!

    Look at “geo-engineering” instead….same kinda topic, just don’t have to wade through so much turd!

  16. passholer

    since you have dr. strongs attention here i thought i would say i respect his scientific opinion on most matters,i? disagree on this one,based on my own experiences,i’ve got high levels of alum,baruim,strontium in my blood i live in wyo. and have had some health issues that could be attributed to this/i dont think its a stretch to link whats in rain water to what the planes are spewing so here’s an oldie but goodie

  17. maddogmona

    Come on Dr. Strong, are you really debating if Chemtrails are real? I would think somone of your intelligence can certainly assertain the difference between chem trails and contrails. I watch chemtrails spread out and? turn into milky clouds all the time. They spray in patterns. As to why, well Aluminum is reflective and Barium is good for absorbtion…so you tell us, You are the SUN guy…solar radiation? Perhaps being shot? back in our solar system from the magnetic ribbon? Come on..


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