BBC Response To Countryfile Chemtrail Cover.

I question the BBC over their choice of magazine cover, showing aerosol spraying/geoengineering/chemtrail. This issue of Countryfile also looks at the ‘Knights Templar’ ….? WTF? To see the magazine cover and full countryfile intro click here to see video:

25 thoughts on “BBC Response To Countryfile Chemtrail Cover.

  1. Sherayx

    This is what needs to be addressed as well, unconstitutional laws. This is too much, doing all this and want silence, and you just wait. Would u? I never thought in my life time u were threatened if u told? the truth in America.

  2. starsbydaylight

    Hi Jacky, I just now watched a video ‘Name that Trail’ from connectingthedotsNZ, about chemtrails, and I saw that these trails are also called CONtrails. I didn’t know that! So I? apologize for making a point out of chem and con. Love and Peace!

  3. starsbydaylight

    Peace and love pet, you are a star! I am not an English? speaker, so I couldn’t understand the CON thing. BTW, CON is right! We all are CONned! xxx

  4. cain4cats

    Nice Polite conversation bringing the truth to light, instead of all the bad manners and swearing about chemtrails which will? get us no where and no one will listen this was done in the proper manner thanks Jamnoise also check out : BBC ..RAF rainmakers ’caused 1952 flood’
    Unearthed documents suggest experiment triggered torrent that killed 35 in Devon disaster early form of geoengineering..

  5. jamnoise72

    I was calling it a CONtrail first because I knew he would of heard of that. I then put in the word ‘chemtrail’? so he would then be able to work out the difference. I think it worked. thanks for your in-put. Will do that. thanks peace n love :)

  6. starsbydaylight

    Hi Jackie, good on you! (just suggesting, and I am not being recalcitrant, I mean well, that, when you take action again one day on a radio show, it would be clearer for listeners to, instead of saying khom-trail, to pronounce? the word -chem- like in chem-ical, like kh+emmm, then the link between chemicals and trail becomes clear.) Thanks a lot for challenging the guy! All blessings! Peace …

  7. gangstagrannie2012

    I wonder if when you write to him, its worth enclosing copies of photos of chemtrails, and maybe also the BBC’s own paper that you showed on a recent video? Whether he’ll listen is a different matter, but he can never say he didnt’ know now………. (maybe even enclose a video regarding chemtrails,? such as what in the world are they spraying?) – and possibly some of the photos available showing spraying equipment? How about url’s to companies that offer cloudseeding etc as a service?

  8. rosepaigefly

    Hey Jackie you are a bloody star! I have sent this around our networks and have made sure it got into the hands of the folk? that are addressing the BBCs ‘Royal Charter’ which requires them to present fair, accurate, and impartial information about important world events.

    Oh by the way – your counter on this clip has stopped counting.

  9. ImAwakeRyou

    Hahahah you go girl!!! I just love you! Thank you for having the guts to do? what we should ALL be doing!! Flood these idiots with emails and phone calls!

  10. 69Phuket

    One bemused but now semi-educated sheep. I hate the? show, that Craven guy i used to respect on Newsround, now he’s a cringing conformist in my eyes.

  11. jamnoise72

    He made himself look a twat, by not even noticing the line going through the? picture!!

    I think he is aware now lol if he believes or not, well, that is up to him…

  12. theawecabinet

    For any doubters out there check out the blatant insertion of a chemtrail into footage of The Railway Children (1970) which was used for a recent Virgin Trains advert.

    (Virgin are well known for? their dodgy adverts full of predictive programming and ‘elite agenda reinforcing’ symbolism)



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