Best Evidence – Chemical Contrails – Chemtrails (1 of 5)

This special program of the show “BEST EVIDENCE” was broadcasted August 10th, 2007. It looks at those who claim that jet fuel of commercial and military aircrafts contain secret experimental additives, such as aluminum oxide, for weather modification purposes. The scientific theory…

25 thoughts on “Best Evidence – Chemical Contrails – Chemtrails (1 of 5)

  1. beachcomber2008

    @BITINGTRUTH Congrats on being able to spell “you’re”. As you know NOTHING about the atmosphere you wouldn’t know your “figures” are gibberish, as the tropopause varies between 18000 ft at the poles to 40000 ft at the equator, and its temperature between -80 and -40 deg C
    Nor would you know that turbofans destroy themselves if metals pass through? them and spraybars and thrust reversers (always fitted) are incompatible
    Go find out, you slanderous ignoramus


    @beachcomber2008 You’re an idiot. “Contrails” require specific environmental factors occur. It must be above 30k ft min., and below? 20 degrees Fahrenheit min. Go google “PRIST”, from Prist Aeorspace…and talk to a flyboy while you’re at it. They’ve loading this shit into KC-135s out of Phoenix and Lincoln for over 10 years. They don’t give a shit like you. Morons killing us all and each other…for what? To keep using petroleum instead of wind, solar and free energy?

  3. ArtzGirl8

    Chemtrail Breakthrough? — Year and a half research project leads to the truth about chemtrails.
    Go to — read the article called… Chemtrails: The “Shocking” Truth

    The video sequence on this shows the full link with chemtrails and directed energy weapons and high tech surveillance technology.

  4. VMATT500C

    Chemtrails = Aluminum nano particles plus Barium are parts of the trail. Search: Retired? FBI Chief, ChemDumps on YT.

  5. koolkidmarina

    it raid more in california before they did this what does that say about this experiment. frogs have almost all? disappeard in town i grew up in.california has the wors air in the us.

  6. beachcomber2008

    These statements are all easily and independently verifiable, except ice proportions, which you can find at jazzroc. wordpress. com

    All aircraft trails are definitely contrails. And this is why
    Burning kerosine makes? an equal amount of water
    All long-distance planes cruise in the stratosphere which is stable and clear most all the time – except when it sometimes holds visible ice crystals in cirrus clouds
    The stratosphere can hold in supersaturation (only when very clean!)

  7. beachcomber2008

    an excess of water as vapor
    This excess can boost the density of the trail by up to 10,000 times
    So 10,000 times as much ICE as the engines make by burning kerosine may be visible to you
    So? ALL aircraft trails are DEFINITELY CONTRAILS

    All aircraft trails are definitely not “chemtrails”
    The gap between engine and trail evidences the invisible exhaust vapors and gases emitted by the engines
    Metals don’t make invisible vapors – in fact they’re used in fireworks

  8. beachcomber2008

    So there are no metals of any kind in the exhaust
    So there is NEITHER? aluminum NOR barium present in ANY TRAIL, because trails ALWAYS begin with a GAP
    ANY organic material WILL burn in a jet flame at 2,500 degrees C to produce that GAP, for carbon dioxide (invisible) and steam (invisible) is what they MUST make
    No metals. No organics. Just spent fuel and air
    So ALL aircraft trails are DEFINITELY NOT “CHEMTRAILS”

  9. beachcomber2008

    Persistent contrails have been noticed since 1918
    By WW2 it was necessary to change aircraft tactics to cope with them
    See “Wakes of War” at jazzroc. wordpress.? com
    This video is a LIE

  10. sc00f

    @hanujao I personally think that contrailscience . com is a false disinformation site created as a part of a cover-up operation? for aerosol spraying. You decide.

  11. AlexPKeaton100

    Contrail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. It forms upon condensation of the water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in the airplane engines. When the ambient relative? humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last for several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outwards to form a layer of cirrus cloud.

  12. AlexPKeaton100

    Why does a contrail vanish?

    Contrails are made of ice crystals from water in the exhaust and? the surrounding air. They vanish because the ice turns back into water vapor. If will vanish faster if the air is dry and/or relatively warm. They can stay for a long time though.

  13. mrjustin5

    Yeah, yeah, BEST Evidence my ass. “All these clouds and trails have an explaination” says the NASA “scientist” in the video… but he offers no explaination and they quickly cut to something else. How fuckin’ stupid do they think we are? OH, this video will certainly? make any brain-dead, sleep-walking zombie laugh at the next person who says “chemtrail” to them, but for people who are awake, like me and others, this “documentary” is an insult. Its like pissing in my coffee.

  14. mgkrox

    I think the government is just trying to destroy? the planet, seriously, HAARP, bluebeam, these freakin huge ass airliners, nukes, missiles and shit.

  15. ledicarus

    yes let’s not be concerned with the thousands of aircraft in the skies to begin with, I live 65kms from one of the largest nuclear plants in North America, 25kms from the site of the worst modern ecoli drinking water disaster. There are literally hundreds of people smoking cigarettes and driving vehicles dumping toxic pollutants in the air… and I’m supposed to worry about jet streams that have been around as long? as airplanes?


    check water evaporation, micro particulates are blocking the suns? rays that cause evaporation. makes no sense for global warming? is holding the heat in. and keeping the rays out. man made global warming, but not us? double whammy conning game?

  17. Claymationclay

    The proof is in the link that follows.


    Remove the brackets and the words? dot and replace them with a period.

  18. JoFergusons

    Why did “David Dickie” look as though he was collecting rainwater dripping from his eaves troughs ??? Wouldn’t that contaminate his sample ??

  19. OurLordLennon

    For now OUR Planet is controlled by the CRIMINALLY INSANE in all Government…..CURRENT EVENTS, endless war for nothing but power? & PROFIT, crippled economies across the Globe, citizens are called terrorists while the GOV murders, lies, poisons, & terrorize US? KING GEORGE IS BACK, and Caesar & his Roman Empire still rule…..this MADNESS WILL & MUST BE STOPPED!

  20. roodog863

    I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and was in college in the 80’s. We never had chemtrails. They have been doing chem trails for so long and misleading the population especially anyone under 40 yrs old that you all dont know what real skies used to look like or what contrails really look like vs chemtrails. Guess what they won if you believe the so? called Nasa explanation. God help us all.

  21. TheThorazineShuffle

    @SpaceMan131326 –

    cloud seeding has been practiced? in this country and around the world for 50 yrs- its not secret, doesn’t take place at 30k feet, doesn’t involve contrails and is often done from the ground.

    You can hire a co. to do it right over your house!! (you could also hire their plane to sample a contrail)



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