BEST EVIDENCE – CHEMTRAIL & Simultaneous Con Trails! – NT Australia.

Whilst attending my daughters school in Alice Springs AU, I noticed some existing Chemtrails high in the sky….minutes later, I saw a plane panning the sky pouring out a Chemtrail, then I noticed another plane coming in the opposite direction, with perfect Con-trails. After a short time they intersected each other, showing a stark difference in the two trails, Amazing!

25 thoughts on “BEST EVIDENCE – CHEMTRAIL & Simultaneous Con Trails! – NT Australia.

  1. 786myfist

    I? hate that they dont care about the children. This is an evil world people with a soul dont do these kinds of operations.

  2. iamastartraveler

    I see what? you see, the best thing we can all do is have ‘eyeopeness’, to be aware of all around us. Thanks for posting.

  3. ChadlElliottcom

    Mate I have dreamed of being able to film a video half as good as this. It cannot get any more obvious for those who have failed? to pay attention and see this for themselves. Well done.

  4. scombrid10

    Did? you check the altitude of those planes? Planes flying toward one another are going to have no less than 300m of verticle separation by rule. They’ve probably got more separation than that if the wind is blowing parallel to that route. The plane with a tail wind will adjust altitude to maximize the tail wind and the plane flying upwind will adjust to an altitude with less head wind. Therefore it is highly unlikely that those planes were occupying the same altitude.

  5. ChemtrailCrimes

    very nice catch friend – favorited. Although I gotta tell u, as good of a catch as u think this is, it’s even better. You’ve caught more? than just planes & chemtrails. Take a real close look at the objects zipping by in this video. Yeah I know, just looks like bugs & birds right? They aren’t. Take this footage and frame step it where ever you see a flash. You’ll soon begin to realize that the answer to the question that’s on all of our minds(WHY are they spraying?) may be right in front of us.

  6. HenryLeaf

    You? are a fucking idiot

  7. UpUplifted

    please add where you took this what city ? country ? .. my thoughts the other plane that is showing? a so call contrail is dropping a different type of chemical maybe part C , with Part A and B next to it..

  8. loverats

    Ok,? whatever you think! (roll eyes emoticon needed here!)

    We’re all stupid after all aren’t we!! ://


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