COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. Although covert operations have been employed throughout FBI history, the formal COINTELPROs of 1956-1971 were broadly targeted against radical political organizations. An example of a COINTELPRO agent? HAL TURNER. If you recall he’s been trolled by certain internet forum-goers in the past, and he attracted such trolling for good reason. He made outrageous statements and claims, such as demanding that a black congresswoman Cynthia McKinney BE LYNCHED. Why? Because it was mandated by the individuals overseeing the COINTELPRO operation to DEFAME, AND DISCREDIT RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS. Watch the video, it’s been PROVEN that he was working for the FBI ALL ALONG! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! THE US GOVERNMENT IS ACTUALLY DOING THIS! Hal Turner has been at this for a while now, so consider that, this has all been a GAME, a game to run the republican party into the ground starting with Bush, and subsequently by INSTALLING provocative commentators to further discredit the party. They’re doing this ALL OVER, EVEN ON YOUTUBE. KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN TO THOSE WHO MAKE OUTRAGEOUS, DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS.


  1. src438

    America start? to sound and look like the crazy – idiotic parlament in Israel!
    Russians-jews and Italians (that want revange -for what I don’t know) mafia behind that! – Lechou koolchem le’koll ah’rouchot ahl ma sh’ah’sittem li!
    1:05 this is a Mosad, Chabad, rabinical-mkultra techniq!

  2. src438

    America start? to sound and look like the crazy – idiotic parlament in Israel!
    Russians-jews and Italians (that want revange -for what I don’t know) mafia behind that!
    1:05 this is a rabinical-mkultra techniq!

  3. masterpure42

    the government clearly can do what ever they want kill who ever they want. May god be with us all.

  4. MNBrant

    @elFinEntusManos they put a gps in the magnet. When you find it apparently they ask for it back.

  5. kobidobidog

    @MNBrant Your furry wisdom is wise,and funny? too^^.
    Police act like they are our best friend
    looking for things they think that offend,
    best friend on the other hand,
    accepts harmless things, that are banned.

  6. kobidobidog

    @MNBrant That proud policeman who is a cadet, has a body that dies,must not forget, judging humans, will not be good for him, because he’s bowing to Baalim.

  7. MNBrant

    @kobidobidog Yeah I met a police cadet who wanted to make it his lifes work to expose all furries. I made some joke about mans best friend. haha

  8. kobidobidog

    @MNBrant The furries are tolerant having the compassionate, forgiving, kind, gentle, loving law of God beyond understanding in their inward parts,and war is in opposition to that heart,and to be opposition to that heart will be death to the soul of whoever opposes that love in the inward parts embracing bloody war.

  9. kobidobidog

    A warmongering nation bowing to human sacrifices will be a liar. FBI is controlled by Satan, and heaven will not have them. Heaven is supposed to be in us. Police are not only not needed they are demonic. Their soul is at this time sold to the devil unless they repent. Police are Satan’s substitute for Love of God which is Gods law in the heart,and forgiveness etc.10:09 is a liar, he is not Jesus because the heavens did not part like a scroll when Jesus comes back with power,and great glory.

  10. kobidobidog

    2:44,The church community are not representing Jesus who is Lord,and when they don’t represent Jesus with his love beyond understanding loving all guess who will? be working in their corruptible body that dies,I don’t have to tell you. 3:42 Satan sets man against man. Satan does not want humans to be Innocent as our first parents,and tries to convince us our first parents did not exist but they did exist,and we exist. We are not a nation under God, and we need to be to save our soul

  11. kobidobidog

    2:346,a nation of warmongers is a nation bowing to Satan. Satan has no good thing in him,and therefore lawlessness,and accountable to their maker. The USA is calling repression, bondage,and persecution freedom by merely saying the word freedom, not having freedom,and had we had freedom we would have the furries having sexually complete animation, clothing optional, spontaneous sex of wherever freely done as freely as any non human animal. with all loving as one, honesty, forgiveness,and no war.

  12. MNBrant

    Heh I like the comment about the bloggers. One thing I notice is that when I go back to read old posts I find them full of mispellings. Is the FBI doing that? I really am crazy but no way I write that bad. Sometimes my post doesnt get in or gets deleted. Usually all the posts for the day disappear including the comments to my post. It doent seem to be hurting my agenda since I have been recently promoted to guild master so keep it up!

  13. KYKIN44

    the police are stupid thir own children can not go to college but they will pprotect the ruling class how dumb can you get It’s obvious that the police are the common enemy of the people police are armed and retarded they will hurt you they only protect the rich

  14. John1576able

    Whenever you get a U.F.O. Flap in an area, you get Guys turning up acting like ‘Men in Black’. It is the same with 911 Demonstrations, you always get some Guys who turn up acting like they are Secret Government Agents or something. Let’s face it, if you are going to be a B@llshitter, what is the best character to play? Why an J Edgar of course. This video may true, maybe not. But come on Guys, we all know there are a lot of BS characters out there.

  15. aaishasmusic1963

    Targeted Individuals who have had their emails tampered with should pay attention to 0:50-01:12

  16. bkeving2

    Ya’ll are lucky we have a government a who actually cares about us and our future that they would go to this extent…Im serious even if your not, sometimes things have to be done in order to get things done, because ppl smarte than us are constitently thinkn bout things, and they work for the US government with this ”cointel method” .. Ya’ll think OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO TAKE ITSELF DOWN>>> Ya’l be dumb

  17. slewofdamascus

    Well, I question the planes and the manner of implosion and I can guarantee I’m not coointelpro. I do question those things because I have followed the evidence (not the crowd). I encourage everyone else to do the same. Did you know there was a hurricane right outside NY on 9-11 and that it made its closest pass to NY on 9-11? Then you probably didn’t know that the hurricane (Erin) immediately thereafter weakened and returned whence it came?

  18. Lonis

    I just tried to download about 40 youtube movies. all of them downloaded but this one. I couldnt even find the title in their search box. This movie must be important. my keyboard is going nuts as I try to type this. must have made 5 corrections so far.


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