Bill S 510, GMOs, Chemtrails & Solutions

There’s so much information I could share with you on the topics I mention in this video, but I did my best to provide you with the basics. Obviously, I didn’t cover all the global issues- I recommend you do research on the info below, but see where else it takes you. We need more awareness brought to ALL important global issues, so please, share your findings with your friends & family! ***WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? Please watch all 7 parts & share with as many people as you can! ***Max Igan is THE MAN! ***ORGONITE!!!! My friend Manuela who runs the Awaken Global Network compiled a lot of research on Orgonite & Chembusters. Here’s some of it below- LARGEST collection of SYLPHS and CHEMTRAILS subject articles with huge amount of mind opening data and evidence WHAT IS A CHEMBUSTER and HOW TO MAKE ONE! Chembuster how to make (VIDEO tutorial) PROOF! Orgonite vs Chemtrails – Chembuster dissolving a Chemtrail Orgonite CB dissolving a Chemtrail Proof that orgonite restores the sky! There is a HUGE GLOBAL ORGONITE movement! WHAT is ORGONite? PROOF of ORGONITE EFFECTS ON ALL LIFE! Orgonite – effects of orgon on vegetables, animals and water Visible effect of orgone generator on garden ORGONITE effects on FOOD CROPS! Thank

25 thoughts on “Bill S 510, GMOs, Chemtrails & Solutions

  1. WishingBones

    i give you a mission, start waking up females, its a real big issue, for every 1000 males waking up there is 1 female, i think your mission here, i can feel it
    please start focusing your messages on females, connect to the feminine consciousness , the females are the back bone of humanity, we need them to wake up as much as males if not more, the more the better

    i wish you good luck and i hope you will listen to my message

  2. islandmamma

    THANK YOU for this video, so many people call names like tin foil hat wearer and conspiracy theorist, crazy etc and I am so sad that people are stuck there…BUT I am sooo happy that some people are aware of these very real issues and are still spreading the news despite the persecution! Keep strong sister, thanks for the love :)

  3. rawph0enix

    Thank you so much for this video. I agree completely with your message and the need to act in the outer world…(ie away from the computers for a start ;). I still feel that the real power to heal the shadow MUST begin with ourselves acknowledging our own shadow and working through it. The collective shadow really is made up of our own individual ones, and the only thing we really have any control over is ourselves.. it is also something we can ALL do now regardless of our situation :)

  4. StevenKellyBelly

    you sounds like the Cosmic ‘I’ Mother.

    the pure seeds will be saved through the next ascencion wave.

  5. mascar33

    We are headed for hell on earth by our governments, we have to fight but not enough people will.
    There is only one way out, but it won’t happen because to many are brainwashed all ready.

  6. puritain1

    The bill was passed in the House with a 215-144 vote, and now will make its way to President Obama where it is expected to be signed into law.

  7. Jokertattooo

    Address the shadows… Great videos and approach!
    C – 36 was passed the 13th of December and Codex A is only about global control and population reduction…
    You are absolutely right in addressing & opposing their evil rather than ignoring it. Thanks for doing your videos to promote awareness.Your beauty and intelligence will make all the difference!
    – Joker

  8. marcelohalmen

    @smashinmelancholy That makes me think the ones behind it are not really humans, maybe extraterrestrials

  9. johnchapterseventeen

    don’t entertain the darkness by giving it a stage, it is a distraction from the Light, that is why when you turn on the tv all you ever see is fear and suffering, because the enemy wants you to believe the problem is too big, they want to distract you with fear and apathy. If you focus on ‘solutions’ to chemtrails then you are being distracted from loving your neighbor. Cut off the darkness at the source, go spread Light and Love, then watch paradise manifest.

  10. johnchapterseventeen

    every second you dedicate to anything other than love is a dedication to darkness. What you call spreading ‘awareness’ is actually spreading fear. you CAN ignore the darkness, and you can focus on the Light until it prevails. we are given a gospel of peace and love, not fear. Jesus said ‘seek and ye shall find’, if you seek fear you will find it in abundance and it will consume you, if you seek love you will find it everlasting in Jesus Christ.

  11. Ebenezerenkyoo

    Heads up :
    “The language? [of S.510] is currently attached to ‘CR/Food Safety House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3082 – Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011/FDA Food Safety Modernization Act’ which has been sent to the Senate”

  12. rushfan9thcmd

    freedom wasn’t won without sacrifice. Sadly, it connot be maintained without another wave of sacrifice.

  13. chop98

    Your day will come. It is seen all too often in mainstream society. Good luck. Go ahead and get your last comment in. I know you’re good for it.

  14. YTRedActed


    Are you serious?
    Have you been fishing?
    Do you work outside your home do you go to the store to a movie?
    Did they drag you in for a Flu Shot?
    Did they kill all the Elderly?
    Do they still sell Vitamins?
    Are you serious?

    Like I said you F**KING MORONS are nothing but F**KING MORONS!

  15. chop98

    @YTRedActed You’d be a moron to not think they’ll take advantage of it that way. If you’re not seeing what this government is doing, you’ll be the first to reap the benefits of the new system. Wake up, man. It’s going on around you.

  16. YTRedActed


    So where is the provision that states you will no longer be allowed to grow your own food?
    I really enjoy they moronic reasoning behind every piece of legislation. The government is going to kill you.
    The government is banning recreational fishing didn’t happen.
    The government is installing martial law never happened.
    Forced inoculations, gun confiscations, pull the plug on grandma, ban multi-vitamins when is this BS going to end?
    Be afraid be very afraid.
    Can we say moron?

  17. chop98

    @YTRedActed With at least three government agencies involved, do you not think it will come down to that? They’re going to try and control the people through their bellies. Remember that the Soviet Union used this method also. Don’t think it can’t happen here.

  18. Rustybanana17

    @togopomm2 I particularly meant the bills that are being passed. Here they are trying to make the medicinal use of herbs and plants illegal. For more information on that one Google: Petition 14032

    As to Contrails or Chemtrails; I don’t know but I do know that there is a lot going on out there that “they” are hiding from us and I don’t like it.

  19. syxxstringify

    extreme amounts of mercury is released when removing mulgrum fillings..find a dentist that specializes in it. also, one of my all time vids on utube is “a beautiful truth”…


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