Billy Corgan Talks About Chemtrails To Audience

Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan tries to encourage the audience to look at the sky and open their eyes to what is happening despite those laughing. Thank you Billy. New World Order Update http Orginal Video of entire song: Chemtrail video from Nuffrespect: Truth Radio http

25 thoughts on “Billy Corgan Talks About Chemtrails To Audience

  1. jbreezes

    @jiltedkiller Insane? Insanity believes without evidence and doesn’t see what is in plain view.. As for chemtrails, there is? much evidence, including what we can see with our own eyes. Those who don’t see that which is in plain view is more insane than the one who tells others of it.

  2. jbreezes

    @jiltedkiller What makes you think the government actually did try to kill jihadists in caves? Remember, mainstream? media is just a propaganda tool for the government.

  3. jbreezes

    @jiltedkiller Please google chemtrails. There? are many sites on the subject and NO, water vapor does NOT freeze at or below cumulus cloud altitude nor does it solidify and expand. It’s supposed to dissipate like steam. Also, passenger jets don’t fly in pairs and groups as can be seen all the time with these white unmarked chemjets.

  4. Travinyle1

    mind control = BBC reporting building 7 had collapsed LIVE on 9/11 with building 7 standing in the background behind the reporter 20 minutes before it was demolished, oh i mean “collapsed” dude thats hard core mind control,? so is more people voting for American Idol than in our elections.

  5. Travinyle1

    @jiltedkiller no offense taken. “you fail to see how it could control 240 million” you actually think our population is somehow not under control not being compliant? LOL, are you serious? Last time I checked the government just stole trillions? and gave it to corporations and banks and most Americans dont know the 3 branches of government, If this population wasnt under mind control it would have already destroyed the current government of criminals in DC. Everyone is paying their taxes

  6. jiltedkiller

    No offense but if the US Government can’t kill 15000 poorly armed jihadists in caves I fail to see how it could control a population of 240? million people.I heard chemtrails are actually for mind control and also it’s well known contrails form cirrus clouds that contribute to climate change. Have you ever heard of Hanlons Razor because it really does apply here. As for TV and brainwashing, it’s not really doing a good job given the disillusionment with the US government

  7. Travinyle1

    @jiltedkiller Do you also think the White House Science Czar is? insane? John Holdren. “geoengineering” is a scientific fact. Yes weather modification has been going on since the 50’s your right. As far as TV what do you think its current purpose is if it isnt mind control?

  8. jiltedkiller

    Ok, personally i think he’s insane, but could somebody honestly tell me what the hell chemtrails are? Why would a government want to kill or harm it’s own people with these, if I look at old WW2 and vietnam footage I still see contrails so how long do people think it’s been going on and most notably why don’t I feel any effects. If the government want mind control they have the much simpler method of TV but they’re so incompetent they don’t try that, so how are chemtrails? feasible

  9. raceyboy

    @MrEmeryDonn, are you serious? “Wake up. Sheeple”? I knew you? were a piss poor conspiracy theorist, but I didn’t realize you were truly a shill. Go smoke a bowl and listen to Tool. You have no idea what Billy or the Pumpkins are about.

  10. blackroses84


    It truly is sad. But in a way I can’t blame them in some ways. The stuff I know now and I’m learning about now–the old me would’ve thought? I’d lost my mind for being interested in learning about and opening my eyes to certain stuff. I’m not sure if I was “saved” because I was in half awake/half asleep mode or not. Is it fully possible to be 100% asleep and then reach a mass awakening mode?

  11. blackroses84

    Well, I have to give Billy and the other celebs that talk about this stuff credit for talking about it. It’s not their fault if idiots won’t listen, think that the people? that talk about this stuff/think this stuff are crazy, etc. I guess some lessons are going to be learned the hard way.

  12. soweyesee

    water vapor and burnt jet fuel? is a chemical. these lingering contrails block out the sun and are adding clouds to our now crazy weather. i live in brooklyn and cherish a clear blue sky day. this is a great video, fb it. get people talkin.


    Where do those fucked up planes come from?? Someone should shoot one down? with a bazooka or at least a home made sling shoot like the kind bart simpson makes. Fucken Asshole’s! Who fucken flys those shits? im sick and tired of seeing those things fly all over my pixie skys.

  14. RachelBartlett

    Thank you, this upload made my day. 90% of the audience might be morons, but just seeing him even try talk about it for a few minutes is awesome. So, apart from Prince, Beck, and? Nina Hagen, we also have Billy Corgan :-)

  15. JohnnyCadeLover94

    @eastsider4eva Thank you!! It’s so true, too.. Some people are lost beyond hope… the brainwashing has warped their? minds.

  16. JohnnyCadeLover94

    @InfamousHaseo You need to do some real research on cannabis. It has? been used by humanity for thousands of years.

  17. 3VOLution3NO

    @eastsider4eva ha yea i hear that. ? dont blame them tho, what u expect when were pumped full of mercury vaccines, fluoride and television PROGRAMMING.))

  18. jbreezes

    @wholemullet It started out in just a few areas as “experimentation” before the daily global spraying, so it is possible that you have pics? of persistent trails in the 80’s. If you are referring to anything from a movie or magazine, many of those have had chemtrails drawn into them on purpose.


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