Bizarre Chemtrail Clouds

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 – All day aerosol spraying began before dawn. Chemical clouds fill the Southern California sky. Strange cloud formations appear fr…

24 thoughts on “Bizarre Chemtrail Clouds

  1. Gus Grizzel

    We just don’t have proof. All we know is…the sky never looks the same anymore. They? are probably spraying, but we don’t know exactly what is going on.

  2. Gus Grizzel

    Same here where I live. You see lines, then this cloud coverage, and it is weird…some sun comes through, but not in a strong way. It gets whiter and whiter, until there is very little blue sky left. But the “blue sky” is not very blue at all. Never any? cumulus clouds.

  3. BlueMoonBrightStar

    How do we stop this?? I do not consent to having barium chemicals aerosolizing our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We the people of our world need to have this stopped. I’m not only mad but extremely saddened by this monstrous activity. I live in SoCal as well and now it’s Jan., 2013! This needs to STOP.

  4. lina samara

    The same in greece. Every day the sky is full of white lines and the next days the sky is white,? no blue. We have forgotten the REAL colour of the sky.There is no blue sky any more. In northern Greece there is no rain for six months .. The climate has changed. Now is november and the temperature is 23 degrees C.

  5. IExposeMormonism

    This 10:00 minutes, it’s not all one event from one location? Please. I’ve recorded some strange stuff up the sierra mountains but this “event” may take the cake. ?

  6. vicky kulhan

    No different in New Jersey. It is annoying. We are suppose to have a totally clear day, but instead just tons of chemicals in the air and a white? sky.

  7. wiricutaman09

    We are forming a? group on Facebook CHEMTRAILS, We posted this video there and would like to invite you to participate.

    Thank you.


    Estamos formando un grupo? en Facebook CHEMTRAILS, Hemos? puesto ahi este video y nos gustaria invitarte a participar.



  8. Robyn hud

    same in australia i just? spent 7months there,now in europe same old made to order clouds by the new world order unnatural demons that seem to want to spoil my summer.!!!

  9. PigsCanFly99

    … the pound-of-sliced-bacon clouds are referred to as inculus clouds .. I got strong suspicions about these skeletor rib-cage clouds. Invariably they are associated with chemtrails. You normally get one with the other. Also tuffted raw? cotton clouds .. angel-hair clouds .. weird lookin angle hair clouds .. often mixed with this pound-of-bacon skeletor cloud = chemtrails.

  10. DianeDi

    Great video.? I sent you a video response, and please have a look at the attached document “The Regulation of Geoengineering”

  11. GigiBelea

    Same in Denmark for? over 2 weeks now .. sun in the morning then after 9AM clouds till 5-6pm .. EVERY single day for the past 2 weeks. This is no coincidence.

  12. lydiavictoria

    Great video!
    Many of these? clouds display what I call “electromagnetic signatures” presumably caused by HAARP. (I just noticed more of these here today in Minnesota 2/17/10.)


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