Black Chemtrail in the early morning

I was sitting outside waiting for the sun to come up and low and behold i filmed this, “Black” chemtrail. Truthfully, I really don’t know what this it. It seemed to hover in the air without getting any bigger for about two mins and then it started going. As you can see it is going straight up and there is no airport in the area that it looks like it took off from. Can someone please let me know if they have seen a chemtrail this dark before.? Maybe they are using different chemicals? Hope to hear from you all.

10 thoughts on “Black Chemtrail in the early morning

  1. haeema

    Is this in honor of Obama or something. lol I have never seen a black chemtrail. It must just be a play of some kind of shadowing effect, because of the dim morning light.

  2. dvmcgovern

    @TheGerm0420 They actually use Soot in the chemtrails. Its in the Gov. docs on the chemtrail project. So maybe the trail was full of that. It did look different though.

  3. stars15k

    @asperin Thank youl. I get really tired of this story. I can’t believe people don’t think about such things as shadows. oooo, spooky…..

  4. WarriorKinging

    Regardless of whether it black or sunlit white, the fact remains uncontrovertible this trail has a definitive starting point and stopping point, justifying without question the posting of this very video.

  5. asperin


    Different areas of the sky at sunset have different amounts of light, causing clouds, and other objects, to appear lighter or darker.

    Look at the clouds around the chemtrail, they look dark too.

  6. TheGerm0420


    Weird.. There were other chemtrails in the sky that were white. This was the only one that was black

  7. TheGerm0420


    I know what you mean. The thing is i didnt say that this was 100% a black chemtrail. Chemtrails are real thats for sure.
    I posted this because I was amazed. This line stood still for over 2 mins and then starting moving which is on the video. I am unaware of a plane that can float in the air like that.

    But yeah man I know what you mean.. For everyone that sees this.. I posted this to get some ideas of what it was and because i was amazed.

  8. theeastwatch

    People don’t understand that when they advocate non-sense they ruin the validity of their claims both current and future… they also degrade the validity of any “movements” they are a part of.



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