Black Chemtrails above Düsseldorf Skies 13.01 & 26.01.2008

Massive black chemtrail emission in the skies above Düsseldorf Germany

25 thoughts on “Black Chemtrails above Düsseldorf Skies 13.01 & 26.01.2008

  1. utubemusic12

    yessterday there was like 20 jets flying around making white chemtrails where white clouds were and on the other side of the sky there were dark clouds and 3 jets were letting out black chemtrails its freaky i kept telling my friends all day and they somewhat started to care, the chemtrails expand and form clouds and you will see it if you watch the sky allday like i did yesterday lol

  2. Jokertattooo

    Good job exomedia773!
    Keep exposing NWO global/universal domination & population reduction agendas. Black chemtrails spread H1N1 symptoms just before our children go back to school. The global aristocracy wants to revive last year’s failed forced vaccination program.
    Sunday September 5th: After many failed attempts we finally uploaded another black chemtrail clip showing US military KC 135 Tankers spraying Victoria, BC Canada heavily – 5 planes simultaneously – after 6 pm Thursday Sept 2nd 2010

  3. FirstHarvestBerlin

    In april 2010 I also have seen a black chemtrail (my first live seen), wich was already complete when I discovered him. As if this was not surprising enough, there came another plane that releases a fresh white chemtrail exactly along the black one! You might think this is a two-component-system. It was a clear morning about 1.5 hour after sunrise – in Berlin, Germany.

  4. DianeDi

    They definitely are poisoning us.? I sent you a video response, please check out the document link “The Regulation of Geoengineering, UK House of Commons, Science and Technology Committee”.
    If you think it’s bad now, just wait and see what they are planning. Please share this document – people need to be aware.

  5. ar5281ar

    @KarakulBrigand, try searching in wikipedia: stratospheric sulfate aerosols. new term for chemtrails? also search in wiki the word chemtrails! funny how they contradict themselfs, chemtrails = conspriacy but stratospheric sulfate aerosols = a legit program releasing particles from high flying jets! WOW, how dumb do they really think we are?

  6. Hyronymuss

    Chemtrail – Online Petitionsantrag genehmigt beim Deutschen Bundestag

    Petitions ID 9847 Verbot Geoengineering

    Ende der Mitzeichnungsfrist 07 April 2010

    h t t p s epetitionen bundestag de

    “Verbot Geoengineering”

    Macht mit – Bitte weiterverbreiten

    Ich habe meinen Blauen Himmel – den gebe ich nicht her – “Dark City” – “Sie Leben”


    fuck und seit 2010 is der himmel über berlin fast durchgängig bewölkt gewesen
    wer weiß was sie darüber außerhalb unserer sicht nicht für dicke schwarze dinge versprüht habe
    und warum überhaupt 2 wochen wolken sind(HAARP vllt.???)

  8. ebendimention

    Glad to see others around the world seeing them as far more than just chemical spraying. That is the biggest disinfo program out there. Not to say they dont spray on the public, what Im talking about is the secret space programs from the black op community.

  9. killerc0p

    Yep. People are used to them. And people are becoming like robots, acting, saying and doing what is pre-programmed.

  10. icecreaman42013

    I wonder that too. My though on it is that this round of vaccines is not the mark of the beast. They will have to tell you when you are receiving the mark. You will have to choose it. The mark will be a choice.

  11. icecreaman42013

    The crazy thing is that everybody doesn’t notice them. I swear people are starting to glaze over and turn into full on robots.

  12. fettkatt87

    i wonder if the mark of the beast could be the swine flu vaccine??? Have any of you heard of the hatachi mu-chip???

  13. joein1972

    They just started Chemtrailing Chicago today Barium Salts Sulphur Dioxide and Aluminium thats whats in them New world order must be stopped now.

  14. killerc0p

    I know about the new world order and stuff that they are trying to make, but I’ve always been skeptical of chemtrails. Until a morning on a normal friday, the sky was FULL of them. At that very moment, I realized that the NWO is not just something which happens on TV and the computer screen.

    When you see the sky over you torn apart by chemtrails like that day, THAT is the day you start fighting the new world order for real.

    I got a video of the chemtrails that friday on my channel.

  15. icecreaman42013

    Keep trying to educate people in the least offensive way possible. The more shit starts to happen the more they will turn to you.

    Remember you cannot beat the NWO with violence. We need to set up organized communities of people living off the land.

    Spread out in the hills and mountains and live as healthy as you can. Prepare to survive of the land. Do not accept the mark of the beast.

  16. ZionSamurai87

    Yea that sounds familur. I just asked a guy i knew if he thought anything weird about a chemtrail I saw the other day and all he said was ” oh isnt that just the exhaust from the planes” I said yea man whatever… I at least told my whole family about it though in great detail, some care some dont…


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