Black Chemtrails in Dallas w/ Alex Jones Show 9-7-08

Sunday was a massive spraying day in the Dallas area. Chemtrails filled the sky for most of the day and I even filmed a notorious “black chemtrail” before sunset. Woke this morning with bad headache. Scary stuff.

25 thoughts on “Black Chemtrails in Dallas w/ Alex Jones Show 9-7-08

  1. iRHAPEzombiies

    Perhaps they have vaccines for certain people & their families who are invovled with the UN.

  2. TheFlex21

    there’s a lot of data on chemtrails…but the question arises: how does the “elite” protect themselves from being exposed to the crap in chemtrails?

  3. rrdrums0110

    @GSGDarkSide The eloctro conducive quality of the aluminum makes it easy to manipulate w/the Haarp electromagnetic energy. It’s weather control and population culling at the same time.

  4. JAyala9703

    $20 bucks there’s an antidote or a serum that keeps the men in charge unaffected by these trails. Why else would they poison the air they breathe as well. 2012 seems more and more real everyday. The world as my grandparents knew it is long gone, this world is dead and the maggots are eating the rest.

  5. those1s2

    I saw black chemtrail from a low flying, I believe it was a stealth because it was flying slowly, when I was flying to Arizona from California. It may have been close by to area 51 maybe, I was looking all around at the ground and their were long roads and then two compounds, so it may have been area 51. But the black chemtrail was very dense and wide. Scary poop.

  6. hydrobot2003

    @kenjams I’ve seen the ones that disappear fast and those are/look normal but the ones they gray and fog up the sky are the real deal. I’m traveling north and I’m in Dallas this morning Today is Tuesday 04/21/2010 and they are spraying right now 7:00am…

  7. ar5281ar

    @wvlavender, try searching in wikipedia: stratospheric sulfate aerosols. new term for chemtrails? also search in wiki the word chemtrails! funny how they contradict themselfs, chemtrails = conspriacy but stratospheric sulfate aerosols = a legit program releasing particles from high flying jets! WOW, how dumb do they really think we are?

  8. wvlavender

    yep, well we can’t do anything about the problem, so maybe we should find out what it is that they use as an antidote that the gov officials and families use to keep from make themselves sick too, than they would loose their power in this and quit spraying.

  9. em5055

    The Illuminati needs to be stopped from commencing NWO. I wish people could see how obviously fucked up the leaders of our country, Illuminati members, are behaving

  10. TrutherD1

    It’s ALWAYS overcast where I am. I’ve recorded planes rebuilding the clouds and have found red and white fibers in rainwater. Good documentaries are “Don’t Talk About the Weather” here on YouTube and “Aerosol Crimes” and “The Ultimate Chemtruth” on Google Video. Keep waking people up! I’m distributing DTATW on DVD everywhere I go! I’m up to 400 so far!

  11. GiRUgafresH

    Man, I thought I was crazy. I also live in santa rosa california, I walked outside there was one right over my house

  12. shnarfers

    we have this in santa rosa california. its super heavy. i did get a headache last night. they sprayed all day sunday.

  13. Wecknachricht

    we have to expose these eugenics politicians and governments before it is too late. Pls., also fight against forced vaccinations!

  14. ozobezleeb

    Excellent video friend, i was born in 1970 and have watched the skys all my life, and believe me when i say this is NOT normal.


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