Black ‘Fog’/Chemtrails Victoria BC Canada Sept 14th 2010 @ 8pm

The ‘Fog’ of War: We have been seeing an increasing amount of these monolithic black poisonous aerosol ‘fog’/chemtrails here in Victoria, BC. The black poison is sprayed/comes out of white chemtrails and can be seen settling shortly or immediately after being released, but is usually sprayed/made at night when they are harder to distinguish/detect unless you are looking (hence this “Black ‘Fog’/Chemtrails: What They Spray On Us While We’re Sleeping” series). A quick YouTube or internet search reveals the scope and scale of this deadly aerosol attack on the public worldwide. At the end of the clip you will notice the addition of a photo taken Sept 9th, 2010 that shows five ‘fog’trails in the ocean just off of Trial Island – the event that preceded the massive black aerosol ‘fog’bank on our Sept 9th video. The ‘fog’ that originated just off the Southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, ended up being blended (HAARP) with the black chemtrails in the sky above and floating across the city after nightfall. Another good example of these black aerosol banks is the footage I took of black ‘fog’trails floating across the harbour toward downtown at 9 am Thursday August 26th, 2010. The footage in this video series leaves little doubt we are under attack. There is a growing amount of metal in the sky at all times which, when blended with the synthetic ‘clouds’, turns the sky into a massive radio frequency delivery system. The fact they can stop an rfid chipped bull from charging should

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    @Esteem55 TPTB actually spray the school grounds . Kids go home with nose bleeds all the time now .

    The cob web fallout is outta control !

  2. MELISSA84008

    @Renathra Saw two of these today for the first time here in the Keys…they were at the end of two white above the other…was TOTALLY different than the white stuff..was very ‘oily,gaseous’ looking…!!!

  3. 401amproduction

    We have the fog and that awful smell in MN too. Its unreal. I can barely breath walking to class and a lot of people are hacking and wheezing and they have no idea.

  4. Jokertattooo

    @SkyBlueAugust We’re developing an evolving chemtrail sickness protocol at an alternative medicine clinic in Victoria but we’re so swamped with extra things to do I can’t manage all of it because of the variables in symptoms and also delivery (invariably through different aerosol mixes (just when you measure a zig they zag).
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I never saw this until just now… I am looking through last months email for the notification I had a comment to manage – Nada.

  5. Jokertattooo

    @SkyBlueAugust I just read an article about someone in noise bylaw trying to measure the Hum on Rense dottt c o mm (but being government they’d never be able to admit it if they found the source): “Mysterious ‘Hum’ Harasses Vancouver Residents”.
    BTW: THIS is how long it took to get your comment. They finally allowed me to update my profile (I thought maybe it was just shift change) and there were 5 of them on this video alone… I just noticed another of yours below.
    What day did you send this?

  6. Jokertattooo

    @mowglihiphop I have a source for the document (and may create some myself) and am hoping to be able to post them asap so people can print them off and serve them, too.
    It isn’t straight forward as I need help due to the time, complexity of what needs to be said, expenses to print and serve them by registered mail, etc.
    Will post asap.
    – A (Joker) Hunter

  7. Jokertattooo

    @Kid5Bandula They are certainly complicit and have been joined at the hip since Harper signed an agreement with them giving them priority over our ‘sovereign’ soil at wartime. Its here…
    – Joker

  8. Jokertattooo

    THEN get it notarized as legit, serve the elected officials with notice that they have 2 weeks to respond after which they will be considered complicit to treason, genocide and crimes against humanity…
    They put us on Red Lists for trying to get the truth out about their obvious population control agenda…
    Red List THEM back.

  9. SkyBlueAugust

    @Jokertattooo Great! Other than intuitive methods, is there an instrument I can get to measure this? Thx again – great job!

  10. SkyBlueAugust

    @Jokertattooo Hey Joker — Have you put out a vid on your chemtrail health protocol and treatment regimen? That’s something that would really be GOOD! PLEASE POST THAT IF YOU GET THE TIME. I know they are hitting our immune systems with the heavy metals, so something that cleans out the metals (e.g. chorella), calms them down and rebalances would help.

  11. SkyBlueAugust

    Thank you for posting this evidence. The same thing is happenng here, and I will watch Holes in Heaven and Water Wars for more facts. I would be good to get some insider info on the constituents of the sprays (we know already it includes bariam, aluminum, strontium, cadmium, arsenic, lead), but I haven’t seen any really good chemical analyses on it. I would also be good to get more detailed info on the psychotronic part. Stay well.

  12. Jokertattooo

    BTW Sky:
    There is definitely a way to measure the psychotronic frequencies they are transmitting through the HAARP shield/aerosol banks (created by pouring chemicals in our oceans).
    These frequencies are used for mass mind control and are the ones Teller and Zbignew Brezinski talked about using on us decades ago.
    We have entered an era where war will be fought by cowardly and compartmentalised minions using mostly exotic weaponry such as that introduced into Congress Oct 2nd, 2001 by D Kuccinich

  13. Jokertattooo

    @SkyBlueAugust There is every indication it is occurring to varying degrees daily now they have the volume of toxic/carcnogenic metals they do in the atmosphere. You can see when the HAARP shield breaks up the clouds usually glob up into progressively darker globules (metals) and then they usually switch it back on & mix it all back up again.
    I noticed Monday that there was about 35% blue sky above us but they switched it back on, the ‘clouds’ dropped thousands of feet and blended to grey again.

  14. Jokertattooo

    @RetroFishman LOL
    Nope, just weeding out the minions, trolls, shills and other varieties of virtual vermin Bro!
    Thanks for your efforts, contribution and solidarity.
    – Joker

  15. SkyBlueAugust

    Is there a way to know if you are being HAARPed? Any instrument that measure it?We have had alot of chemtrails and heavy metal fog over the past two weeks — seems increased alot. Thanks for documenting this.

  16. RetroFishman

    Comment pending approval. This must mean I said something to put me in this youtube root cellar. I did call for the digging of a trench for anyone spraying aerosals on the populace. I may have called for no trial, just a rope.

  17. RetroFishman

    This same black fog type chemtrails came thru my neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley outside of L.A. on Dec 6. Exactly like in your excellent video. For the record this activity has increased since then daily increasing my stress. Talking to others aint workin for me.

  18. Jokertattooo

    @EnergySupply2008 Thanks, have seen but recommend it highly to everyone – probably about a few hundred a day 😉
    Great channel!
    – Jkr

  19. EnergySupply2008


    Wow, your video was so well spoken. Have you seen this documentary called What in the World are they Spraying? It just came out on October 22 2010. Here is part 1 of 7 on my channel.


  20. ubuibme24

    @Trala52 well on the gulf coast, I never saw chemtrails until a month before the oilspill but since then it has been constant and heavy! maybe they sent yours here


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